Jarred (Dude Junior) Van Vuuren

FMX Rider

Name: Jarred Denver van Vuuren
Nick Name: Dude Junior
Date of birth: 1995-05-02
Age: 18
Current City: Johannesburg
General Information:
I currently ride FMX as a career- practice FMX riding and do FMX shows. My free time is spent riding motocross, enduro and free riding. I currently spend time in Johannesburg depending on where the shows are.
I started racing Motocross at the age of six, also doing the odd enduro ride by the age of nine. I have always enjoyed racing and got in the top four in Eastern Cape Border Motocross Events and podium finishes in the Border Motocross Events. When I participated in JDE events (Junior Development Enduro) I would get top 2 and the odd 3rd place.
At age 12 I was sponsored a Honda 150 to race in the National Super Motard Event held in East London and once again proved to enjoy my racing by getting a fourth overall for the day, this being the first time I have  ever rode a four stroke bike and also my first Super Motard race!
My love for FMX started by doing the odd trick on the Motocross Track during races. At the age of 13 I went on a training course with Nick de Witt (Sick Nick), at the end of day I was jumping 17.5 meter gap on a RM85 doing hill – clickers and other small tricks. I went over to a RM125 and also started racing in the A-stream Motocross class.
At this point we had started building our own FMX Park. I jumped seven cars (Total gap at that point 23.5 meters on a RM125) and getting better
at my tricks. We went for more training with Nick, Stuart and Potter at the Ride Authority Park (with Ride Authority Crew) and at The Compound from time to time.
At the Compound Open Day on the 24 July 2010 I was awarded -1) Most skillful Pro Amateur Rider and 2) Most impressive Pro Amateur Rider.  I was the only Pro Amateur Rider jumping the 21 meter gap. (On a RM125).
At the Red Bull Open Day in December 2010 I was asked to ride with the Pro Riders as there were no Pro Amateur riders that could jump the 21 meter gaps. 
At this point I was also the only Pro Amateur rider invited to ride at the Ultimate X in Cape Town in 2011. I became a Pro Rider in May 2011. I rode in the Redbull X Fighters SA Tour 2011 at the Hatfield show shortly after becoming a Pro Rider.
During 2012 I spent 3 months in Johannesburg doing shows at different events such as: Ram Fest, Wet @ Wild, Bielie Mielie Fest just to name a few.
November 2012 I was invited by Xs Promotions to do shows in Saudi Arabia for the “Mountain Dew Tour” and spent the next month riding on tour. In 2013 I toured Swaziland and Pakistan with Xs Promotions and also did various other shows around South Africa.
In the years 2013 and 2014 I  went to many countries eg. Uganda,Pakistan, Saudi Arabia,Swaziland. And also did every single demo or show in south Africa, from the red bull x-fighters jams with is to hype up the big shows, Monster Energy Supercross, Gauteng motor show, top gear, the Swaziland world trade fair and many more.
I currently ride Motocross, Enduros and do Free Riding in Transkei to balance my fitness and bike skills for FMX. We have built a complete FMX Park and also built a foam pit at my park where I have started practicing back flips and I am currently the only rider in Africa attempting the volt body variel and I aim to be the first African to land it.
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Future Goals – Tricks:  Back flip to dirt and become the first African to body variel - maybe in the far future a Front flip!
Future Goals – Riding: To be SA no 1, Compete in IFMX, Compete in Red Bull X-Fighters (Europe), Gold at X-Games.