Michael Parris, 22 years old. Surfer, skater, kite-surfer, photographer and videographer. Currently living in Brackenfell and studying photography in town. Long drives to the beach each day but still surfing as often as there are waves. Local spots being Blouberg to Melkbos but surfing Llandudno and Glen Beach pretty often. Traveling up the West Coast as often as possible and a couple trips up the East Coast each year where possible. 
Free surfer, just enjoy cruising and getting waves everyday. Currently working on a Free Friction surfing project with mate Jared Aufrichtig as well as trying to get some pics each week and spending plenty time behind the lens. Getting my website sorted and should be up in the next week or so www.mparrisproductions.co.za. Always keen to link up with local surfers or athletes and film or shoot for them so give me a call or hit me up on facebook http://www.facebook.com/MParrisProductions
I do stills, video work and editing!
My surfing style: I try stay very loose and almost slow, just try enjoy each ride and don't stress too much about what turns to do, kinda just let them come naturally. Try and surf as many waves as possible all over Cape Town and just get to know people at different spots and really just wanting to enjoy every session and share the experience with whoever is out. JUst a free surfer, I do a few competitions here and there and I have had some good results in the past but after injury (disc lesion in my back as well as a pinched nerve and a torn miniscus in my knee)    I found myself blaming my injury too often so just tried to rest it up good and now looking to start competing again.
Just want to have fun basically. Surfing with my Dad or my girl friend is probably my favorite thing. But surfing great waves with your friends or sitting around a fire on a west coast trip is best. We often go on West Coast trips to Lamberts or Elands without any accommodation or enough money but it always seams to work out :)