THE PCT CLASS FACEBOOK GROUP: Oh, PCT Facebook Group, how incredibly useless you are. Pacific Crest Trail Association 1331 Garden Highway, Suite 230 Sacramento, CA 95833; 916-285-1846 main 916-285-1865 fax; PCTA is a 501(c)(3). Don't go crazy trying to plan your hike exactly – it's not going to work. If you don’t want to be eating the same stuff every day, you’ll need to plan well, do some food prep, and get creative. Check out our trip guides page to see some of our favorite backpacking trips that you can use to get your feet wet! Extreme conditions - The PCT goes through a diverse gamut of climates and thru-hikers should be prepared to encounter both intense hot/dry and drenching cold/wet conditions. The consequences could result in imprisonment, deportation, and a lifetime ban from Canada. A positive attitude and a good support system (at home or among hiking companions) are key to a successful thru-hike. 13,153′), the highest point on the entire trail, Water sources are plentiful, but hiker hunger is rampant at this point, In Sequoia National Park, the John Muir Trail (JMT) and PCT merge for about 160 miles, Most thru-hikers climb Mount Whitney (elev. We outline critical considerations and our favorite food choices in our Best Lightweight Backpacking Food Guide. After sifting through endless blog posts, online forums, and a handful of semi-informative websites, the guide is a welcomed relief to many in the still in the PCT planning stages. Your backcountry meal plan should balance weight, nutritional value, caloric density, and convenience. If you do come face to face with one in the day time, something is off as that is extremely uncharacteristic. It’s good to have a healthy fear of rattlers to keep you on your toes, but there’s no reason to be petrified. There are zero recorded deaths due to mountain lions on the PCT. The thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike can be overwhelming. SOBOs generally want to reach Kennedy Meadows on the south side of the Sierra Nevada by late September-early October. We’re proudly donating 100% of our revenue from today to the following organizations to address social justice and policy change. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Stoves list for more options. Check out our post on the Facts and Myths of Bear Encounters for more info. When you’re hitchhiking, remember to smile, wave, and be courteous. Mosquitoes - These tiny vampires bite and can leave itchy welts on the skin of some unlucky people. Heather “attacks” a Mountain lion statue in Cascade Locks, Oregon. Here’s a snapshot of the PCT by the numbers: 3 - Number of states the PCT traverses through (California, Oregon, and Washington), 6 - Number of National Parks the PCT passes through, 35 - Number of National Forests the PCT passes through, 48 - Number of Wilderness areas the PCT passes through, 60- Number of major mountain passes the PCT climbs and descends, 150 - Average number of days it takes to complete a PCT thru-hike (4.5-5.5 months), 489,418 - Approximate elevation gain and loss in feet of the PCT, 16 - Amount of times a PCT hiker would have climbed Mt. Just remember to be a bit wary of the information in the report and certainly don't bet your life on it. A head net can also be a lifesaver in the peak of mosquito season. Familiarize yourself with LNT - As long distance trail hiking becomes more popular, it’s more important now than ever to help minimize your impact on the environment. They also help distribute some weight to your arms and keep your hands elevated to reduce swelling. $66.95 - Together save $5.90: Yogi's PCT Handbook + Ultralight Survival Kit + Trail Tested Putting your regular life on hold - Leaving “regular life” behind for five or six months is a big commitment and can be a real challenge. Best rain jacket: Outdoor Research Helium II (men’s & women’s), Best budget rain jacket: Marmot Precip (men’s & women’s), Top down jacket pick: MontBell Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka (men’s & women’s), Best budget down jacket: REI Co-op Magma 850 Down Hoodie 2.0 (men’s & women’s), Top hiking pants pick (mens/womens): Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants/The North Face Aphrodite 2.0 Pants, Top underwear pick (men’s/women’s): ExOfficio Give-N-Go/Ex Officio Give-N-Go Women’s Bikini Briefs, Top hiking shorts pick (men’s/women’s): Nike Challenger Dri-FIT 7”/Nike Dry Tempo Running Shorts, Top hiking shirt pick (men’s/women’s): Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee/Nike Dri-FIT Knit Running Tank, Top hiking long sleeve pick: Nike Dry Element ½ Zip Running Top (men’s & women’s), Top long underwear pick: Patagonia Capilene Midweight Base Layer Bottoms (men’s & women’s). Hi! “Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook” answers all these questions . CRAIG'S PCT PLANNER: Craig's PCT Planner is a resource that allows you to plot a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike by inputting a starting date, starting point, ending point, hiking pace, hiking day length (in hours), and how much time to add for every 1,000 feet of elevation gained. We all use them, but many of us don’t really put much thought into it. I certainly have. Update: This app is no longer available Halfmile has also developed an app that lists all the PCT waypoints in his maps and is available (for free) on both Android and iOS. If you injure yourself or find yourself in a dangerous situation, help is just a button press away. We've built over 30 instructional backpacking videos in two series - Essential Trail Skills & Lightweight Backpacking Foundations. Check out my support page for more ways to help make the internet a more hiker-friendly place. To keep energy levels up and avoid losing too much weight, thru-hikers need to eat copious amounts of calorie- and protein-rich foods. Black bears - The only bears you’ll encounter on the PCT are black bears, though their coats can be a variety of colors. [pct-l] updates/changes to Yogi's PCT Handbook. Use these exceptional tools to increase camp comfort and decrease trail weight. It is unlikely that we'll stick to this schedule exactly, so see News for updates. Yogi also has published a CDT companion, Yogi’s CDT Handbook. If you do scare up a snake, stay calm and back away slowly. We explain the key differences of each water treatment method and share our personal favorites in our list of the Best Water Filters. Generally, the trail vibe is fun, lighthearted, supportive, and encouraging. Check out some of our favorite items in our guide to the Best Backpacking Gear for Women. The thought of planning and completing a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike can be overwhelming. 11,239′), the state’s largest and most active volcano, Many hikers love the weekend brunch at Timberline Lodge, The only major elevation change in Oregon is the 3,160 foot drop into the Columbia River Gorge crossing Interstate 84 and the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods (elev. If you’re in the market for something a little more affordable, the less feature-rich Spot Gen3 will also get the job done. Tips for getting a ride: Many hikers find that it’s easier to get cars to stop if they have a sign saying something like, “Hiker to Town.” Writing in bold letters on the back of your ground sheet is effective and doesn’t require carrying any extra weight. Have all up-to-date proof of vaccinations and medical documents, as well as any medications your pet needs readily available for their temporary guardian. Our favorite PLB is the Garmin InReach Mini - it uses top-notch satellite systems and offers a lot of useful features like on-device mapping and two-way texting. Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook (PCT hiker advice, trail towns maps and info) The Mountaineers ‘Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail’ series (detailed regional guidebooks with beautiful photography) PCT Data Book (mileages, landmarks, facilities, resupply data - available in Kindle or paperback) Most popular maps/navigation tools: Check out my review of Guthook's PCT Guide here (or check out the Atlas Guides here). I caught this fellow hiker coming around a bend and boy does he make a great prop! Now Yogi is the Bible of the PCT and it can't get much better than this or so I thought. Choosing a direction - Choosing which direction you want to go really depends on your style, schedule, and what you want to get out of the hike. Tired of sitting in the dirt? PCT PDF UPDATE FILE - March 3, 2019 . Hiker Hunger is the real deal - don’t skimp on food, Pros: Possibility of having more variety/being healthier, easier for those with dietary restrictions, less work/stress in trail towns, an opportunity for a friend or family member to be involved, making your own food can be fun, Cons: A lot of initial work and planning, you have to keep track of/work with local post office schedules, extra expense of shipping, Preparing mail drops before a thru-hike is a daunting task, but it can also be fun, Pros: Ability to choose what you want when you want it, supports local communities along the trail, avoids shipping costs, no help needed (better option for international hikers), Cons: The options can be limited or poor quality (gas stations and dollar stores), more work/stress in trail towns (shopping and repackaging/shipping if no help at home), can be expensive in certain places, can be wasteful if you need to purchase packaging/get rid of excess, Buying food in towns as you can has its benefits, but it’s also a lot of work to shop (on foot) and repackage everything. Rodents - Mice, chipmunks, and squirrels will keep you company along the entire length of the PCT. Nobody likes waking up with numb hips. We’ve got you covered from stocking stuffers to big-ticket items. USPS Advice. Regional critters like deer, elk, and desert toads are easy to spot on a daily basis. This was one of my favorite shots from the hike. These tips will help you feel more prepared, and if you involve your loved ones they can gain a better understanding of the journey you’re about to embark on, as well. BLOGS/FORMER THRU-HIKERS: What's consistently the most valuable resource for people hiking the PCT? If we missed anything or you want to share your own PCT experience, leave us a comment below! Everest after finishing a thru-hike, $4000-8000+ - Average on-trail expenses, plan to spend $2 - $3 per mile, 4-5 - Average pairs of shoes a PCT hiker will go through, 60% - Percentage of people who complete a thru-hike on the PCT out of those that attempt it, Author, Heather, aka “Hot Tub” on her PCT Thru-Hike near Indian Mountain in Oregon - Photo Credit: Philip Kramer. Generally, you can buy food every 4 … Instead start at Hart’s Pass in Washington. A tough climb up to Indian Pass on the Continental Divide provided some pretty spectacular views. Say you left something in the woods that you need to go back for, tell the car to go on without you, and walk away - you don’t want to take an unnecessary risk. Gradually work your way up to overnight trips with a light pack, and then to extended trips with a backpacking pack loaded with the weight you plan to carry on your thru-hike. Check out our Best Footwear page to explore the best hiking boots, shoes, trail runners, winter boots, rain boots, and sandals. The “L” in PCT-L stands for listserv and if you're asking yourself “The fuck is a listserv?” don't worry, you're not alone. Staying hydrated and avoiding parasites in the backcountry is critical. We’re really grateful for our positive experiences with hitchhiking, but we definitely recommend being cautious. You get a map of the trail showing all the major stops along the way, and the number of miles for Washington, Oregon, and California, for quick reference. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is the Appalachian Trail’s more isolated, lonelier western counterpart. The PCT Water Report is a crowd-sourced document that covers all sections of the trail but is most helpful in the desert (and a few places in Northern California). NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund PCT Thru-hikers go through an average of 4-5 pairs of trail runners during their hike. . Camping is all about relaxing and sleeping under the stars. Wildlife - There’s a lot of wildlife on the PCT, and most encounters are exciting and enjoyable. A large pop-up again appeared on screen as if it was a notice from NORTON 360 identifying a problem, same problem as viewed the day before. Tasty food, cold drinks, and the great outdoors - the perfect trifecta! After completing mine, I’ll never be quite the same. This is why I have devoted countless hours to filling Halfway Anywhere's PCT Page with all the information I can manage. Willing to buy old Yogi's PCT Book. The CleverHiker Top Picks page is reserved for our personal favorite backpacking gear. For some great tips to make your budget go further, check out our 21 Tips for Backpacking On a Budget post. Thanks to technology, it’s easy to order as you go, Guide Book: Pages from Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook, printed copy of The Water Report, App: Halfmile’s PCT Smartphone App (For iOS) (For Android), Other GPS Phone Apps: Gaia GPS, Topo Maps+, and Guthooks, Hammock: Hummingbird Single & Tree Straps, Pillow: ZPacks Medium-Plus Dry Bag Pillow, GPS Phone Apps: Gaia GPS, Topo Maps+, and Guthooks, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Polarized New Wayfarer, Bug Repellant: Permethrin & Picardin Lotion. Ideal foods are  lightweight, slow to spoil, and affordable. [pct-l] Yogi's PCT Handbook changes/updates. You aren't experienced enough to do this! The short of it? Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook – This is THE PCT guide book for preparing for a thru-hike. PCT-L Mailing List - It's a dated format, and has largely been replaced by Facebook pages. Lightweight backpacking video guides and reviews of the best ultralight tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, stoves, and more. From: gray_hiker at (Gray) [pct-l] AT Class 2001? Find Craig's PCT Planner here. Trail culture - Some people prefer to be lone wolves, which offers a more quiet experience and an increased chance of seeing wildlife. Well if you haven't already, I suggest you check out my Pacific Crest Trail page. We explore several key differences in women-specific gear. Choosing a tent that is comfortable, spacious, and easy to setup can make or break a camping trip. Thru-hikers must choose calorie- and protein-rich foods that are lightweight and affordable. Thousands of volunteers organized by the Pacific Crest Trail Association and other regional clubs help maintain and protect the trail every year. Thru-Hikers need A long-distance permit, A Canada PCT Entry permit, and A valid Passport to be legal. We’ve been boiling and sautéing up a storm in our outdoor kitchen to bring you this list of the best camping stoves on the market. 20 PHOTOS TO INSPIRE YOU TO HIKE THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL. Outdoor adventure gifts are the best kind around. The Pacific Crest Trail. Tidy up a bit, and make yourself as approachable as possible before you stick out your thumb. Our focus is building educational resources to help backpackers of all levels feel more comfortable in the wilderness. See our full review here:, Need a gift for the outdoorsy person in your life? Here are some of our favorite gear items to thru-hike with. As 2020 winds down, a third wave of COVID-19 infections is engulfing the United States, with the number of daily cases more than tripling over the previous August high and deaths spiking over 3,000 per day for the first time. I was hiking with this book PCT from start till end. Take your backcountry chillin' game to the next level with one of the Best Backpacking Hammocks on the market. It is also expensive to mail. 180′), on the Columbia River, After a long climb, the PCT traverses through Indian Heaven Wilderness, which is full of huckleberries and lakes, Glacier Peak, and the rugged route around it, offers a memorable experience to trail users, In September, the needles of western larch trees turn bright yellow providing a colorful conclusion to the end of a thru-hike, The PCT ends at the US/Canada Border marked by a clear-cut line in the trees and Monument 78, Northbounders continue hiking 8 miles over the Canadian border into Manning Park, British Columbia where they can catch a bus into Vancouver. We love backpacking, international travel, useful gear, and all things nature. Auto-pay your bills - Make sure any obligatory bills - mortgage, insurance, phone, etc - are on auto-pay before you leave. The PCT truly is an amazing footpath, but it didn’t just appear there. Being prepared and knowing what to look out for is important no matter where you are, though, so here are a few tips to get you started. Make yourself loud, big and don't turn your back. The Pacific Northwest is an adventure junkie’s paradise. Bear canisters are required between Kennedy Meadows (mile 702) and Sonora Pass (mile 1017) and then again in Lassen Volcanic National Park (mile 1343-1363). Whatever your pleasure; walking, running, biking, or hiking - being equipped with the right mindset and a quality rain jacket will empower you to seize any opportunity to get outdoors, regardless of the forecast. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Backpacks list for more options. Read my journey of how I followed my own dreams, from working as a full-time Digital Marketer to becoming a yoga teacher and then leaving it all to go hike over 2,400 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is a fun, powerful, and rewarding experience. But most thru-hikers embrace the vibrant trail culture that organically springs to life on the PCT. $50.95 - Together save $1.95: Yogi's PCT Handbook + Ultralight Survival Kit. In March 2020, as the pandemic took off, the organizations managing the three Triple Crown trails took a unified cautious approach. National Geographic Maps Pacific Crest Trail: [Map Pack Bundle] Sale Price: 113.96 Original Price: 129.95 sale 14,494′) from Crabtree Meadows, Mosquitos can be thick in this area during prime hiking season, There’s a large black bear (and tourist) population in Tuolumne Meadows where the PCT crosses through Yosemite National Park, a 30-mile dry stretch on Hat Creek Rim in Northern California, Quaint trail towns punctuate Northern California as the Sierras end and the Southern Cascades begin, The North Fork of the Feather River is one of the most welcoming swimming holes after a hot day’s slog, The PCT traverses Lassen Volcanic National Park where bear canisters are now required due to increased habituation, The PCT follows the extremely dry Hat Creek Rim (which requires a long water carry), The trail then turns toward greener pastures and lush forests, dotted by volcanoes, At Interstate 5, the trail climbs into Castle Crags State Park and the Trinity Alps Wilderness where timber rattlesnakes are frequently encountered, A hiker takes a well-deserved evening dip in one of oregon’s Cascade lakes, From near Siskiyou Summit (elev. So, considering how essential your down coat is and how often you use it, let me ask you this; when was the last time you washed it? If you’re an ultralight backpacker or a long distance thru-hiker an ultralight tent can be a great choice. Yes, even the airports and even packing. From: yogihikes at (yogi) [pct-l] When do the skeeters leave Oregon. Always stay aware of your surroundings and, if possible, have a partner with you if you must hitchhike. Most times, the snake will move out of the way once you give it some space. A black bear taking a stroll on the PCT in Central California. It’s also really important to secure items in your pack and pockets before lobbing it into the back of a truck. A deer in flight beside a high sierra lake - Photo Credit: Philip Kramer. The maps offer notes on water sources, campsites, resupply, alternates, and features that the trail passes. and more. If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more, you'll probably like our other content as well. (The old Town Guide is out of date and out of print; the PCTA recommends using Yogi’s handbook instead.) Get the restful trail sleep you’ve earned with one of the Best Sleeping Pads. The chances of being bitten by a snake are very slim. Trail Journals - There are tons of trail journals, vlogs, blogs, etc. We researched and tested dozens of headlamps to put together this list of the 10 Best Headlamps. I spent a few hours yesterday comparing what has changed and how it has been improved. When the temperature drops and rain, snow, and wind start to howl, you'll want a winter coat you can trust to keep you warm and dry. Packing a top-notch tent is one of the best ways to increase comfort, safety, and enjoyment on backcountry trips. The average thru-hiker spends $2-$3 per mile (between $4,000 & $8000) during a hike on the PCT for things like hostels, food, drinks, and replacing gear. For some ideas of great hiker foods, check out our Best Backpacking Foods Guide, our guide to making your own backpacking meals, and our Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals list. Make sure you know and practice the Leave No Trace Principles during your hike. A listserv is an e-mail list that people can use to mass mail and reply to members of the list. From: Trekker4 at ( [pct-l] PCT hikers. Ranging from minimalist to fully featured, we bring you our trail-tested Best Daypacks list. Looking for some deep trail sleep? Top cook pot pick: Toaks Titanium 750 ml. Good planning can help relieve a good amount of stress you and your loved ones will likely experience regarding your thru-hike. Here’s our list of the 10 Best Camping Tents. We put together this guide to help get you started. I know that she updates it every year with water reports, etc. In 2016, Kim (Bearfoot Theory’s former Community Manager), quit her job as a principal and embarked on a 5-month journey to solo … I’m Kathleen. Many people find that their bodies quickly adapt to conditions on the trail, but if you want to get a little prep in before your big hike to speed the process along, here are a few tips: Start small - If you are new to backpacking in general, it’s a good idea to start with shorter trails and a daypack. If you're interested, I wrote this post about Yogi's Guide for Squares. COLORADO TRAIL UPDATE FILE - August 20, 2017 Picking a start date - In a normal year, NOBOs start between March and May. Thru-hiking means to hike the entirety of an established long-distance trail (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Appalachian Trail, etc.) NOBOS: If you’re entering Canada via the PCT, you’ll need a Canada PCT Entry Permit along with a U.S. passport or passport card. With all the technical data to sift through and seemingly endless choices on the market, it can be a real challenge to figure out what to buy. If you plan to hike with small children or dogs it’s wise to be cautious, but generally, adults are not at risk of being attacked. But PCT thru-hikers will generally all pass through conditions ranging from dry shadeless desert, snowy/windswept high-elevation mountains, and Pacific Northwest rain forests, which can be relentlessly wet. Poisonous Poodle-Dog Bush in Southern California. $49.95. PCT Excel UPDATE FILE - March 3, 2019. Social media is great, but our bi-weekly newsletter is a much better way to stay in the know. Mountain lions are extremely stealthy and are most active at night. Learn the basics: Backpacking & Hiking Clothing 101: Tips for Creating the Perfect Ultralight Clothing System, All hikers have their own style and different needs for thermo-regulation, but the basics are the same, Top trail runner pick: Altra Lone Peak 4.5 (men’s & women’s), Top hiking shoe pick: Salomon X Ultra 3 Low Aero (men’s & women’s), Top hiking boot pick: Vasque Breeze LT Mid GTX (men’s & women’s), Top hiking sock pick: Balega Hidden Comfort, Top warm sock pick: Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion  (men’s & women’s). The rest is up to you!! Be aware of your surroundings, scan the trail in front of you, and you’ll be fine. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Check out my review of the Halfmile app here. If you do decide to hike with a group, remember that group dynamics can change over the course of a thru-hike due to various circumstances. Basically, you shouldn't concern yourself too much with the thoughts and opinions of people who have no idea what they're doing and who are apparently experts in unfounded speculation. “Hot Tub” and her Trail Family, “30-Pack,” “Coincidence,” “Sweet Tooth",” and “outburst”. If you’re on a tight budget or new to backpacking, check out our Best Budget Tents of the year. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Give the gift of adventure! Back up slowly and don't make eye contact and the lion will almost certainly scamp away. The PCT is divided into 18 sections in California, 6 in Oregon, and 5 in Washington (29 in total). Some are better than others though, and we’re happy to share our opinion in our Best Freeze Dried Meals Guide. I also learned to look to nature and exercise for health and sanity. Here are a few ways you can help: Thru-hiking the PCT is a big challenge with big rewards, and we hope this guide helps you plan a successful hike. Tax ID#: 33-0051202 From: toek at (toek) Staggering start dates prevents overcrowding and disperses the ‘herd’ of hikers which can be destructive to the environment. This involves getting on the PCTA website and getting in line in the virtual ‘waiting room.’ Permits are free, but applicants need to be punctual, patient, and a bit flexible. Thanks guy . Consider carrying a personal locator beacon (PLB) - PLBs are a great safety net in case the worst should happen. Marmots (large, cute squirrel-beavers) live at or above the treeline in the Sierra Nevada. Mountain lions - There are mountain lions along the entire length of the PCT, but it’s very rare to see one, and attacks are extremely unlikely. The Facebook group is a place where you will find a lot of fearmongering, people who don't know how to use Google, and people who quite obviously need some attention from internet strangers. You can find the water report as section-based PDFs here. Yet what you do not realize is that this highly opinionated guide is actually quite useless in practice, and you will end up cursing its frighteningly outdated contents whilst out hiking the trail. More: Check out our Best Backpacking Tents and Best Ultralight Tents lists for more options. For some great meal ideas, check out our Best Backpacking Food Guide, our guide to making your own backpacking meals, and our Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals list. From: yogilists at (yogi yogi) [pct-l] Changes/Updates to Yogi's PCT Handbook. In some cases, friends and family won’t understand your decision to abandon worldly comforts and live out of a backpack, and you will probably have your own apprehensions. Check out this list of our favorite glass water bottles to elevate your water drinking experience. THE PCT WATER REPORT: The desert portion of the PCT is plagued by long, dry, waterless stretches where hikers are forced to carry far too many liters of water between sources. Hunger - Thru-hikers burn up to 5,000 calories every day, so it’s nearly impossible to carry and eat enough food to stave off ‘hiker hunger.’ After a couple weeks on the trail, your body will start to deplete its glycogen stores and you’ll likely develop an insatiable appetite. The update can be found under the Links tab on our site The changes within the new book are a new cast of characters with more current hikers. It’s normal to experience some foot aches and pains after long days of hiking, but we’ve found that wearing quality socks makes a big difference in how long we can keep our feet comfortable and in good shape on trail. In our experience, friends and family really appreciated being included in the planning process. Real dangers PCT thru-hikers face and should learn to minimize the risk of are: Exposure (heat exhaustion/stroke and hypothermia), A Hiker jumps across a creek in Northern California. SOBOs: It’s illegal to enter the US from Canada via the PCT. Get it for Andorid or iOS. It’ll keep you toasty warm, even after spending hours jammed into the bottom of your pack. So pick up one of the Best Backpacking Stoves and make that moment happen. A backpacking tent will be among the heaviest items you carry on wilderness adventures, so it’s a good place to cut down on weight.