The south and west views are treeless but peaceful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In fact, since its founding in 1965, the charity Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) oversees 100 bothies and their maintenance, offering detailed information such as locations and conditions. Remarkable lads and well done to all concerned. Location: Northern Highlands The perhaps monotonous island makes for even greater contrast upon reaching the small bothy as this place is a meeting point of completely different views and natural features. Onto the stretcher across 50 yards of rough ground. Time to get your luggage down but too late to tell anyone you’re arriving. Not even I could get lost here without a map. Everything seemed to be alright with the world, and we were mellowing out, with a small convivial dram, when things suddenly went pear-shaped. Research the route you’ll hike to know the types of terrain and the conditions of the paths, as well as elevation gain. You haven't climbed Ben Alder yet. Length (round trip): 11 mi/18 km Starting point: Rannoch Station 1.The terrain that you have to encounter. Covering some 68000 acres stretching from Loch Rannoch to Dalwhinnie. Extra rations of water and food are always a good idea. The bothy sits by a tiny crescent bay, the gentle slope ending by the pale gray pebble beach. Therefore, no matter how long the trip is to reach and stop at a bothy in the Scottish Highlands, you need to be self-sufficient and ready to handle adverse and unpredictable weather. The police were by my bedside at 8am, only to check if I had informed next of kin. Approaches are long from any direction; Corrour Station gives the nearest access from the west, whilst it is possible to approach from Loch Rannoch in the south. In Gaelic, Aonach Beag means "little ridge" despite it being a Munro. Many have looked for it and failed – so don’t bother trying! Location: Central Highlands This was Saturday night Sunday morning in a Scottish town. For the first half of the hike, the landscape is a mixture of views and elements as the undulating terrain has many thick spruce woods and granite-capped hills. But what would the outcome have been if your story had involved inexperienced walkers. 9-11 hours (over 2 days) 750m. I remember the frustration of realising that cars in driveways showed that the inhabitants were reluctant to involve themselves in any late night drama, although the unearthly racket I was making and the fact I resembled the ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ may be mitigating circumstances. Frank said, “blow the whistle every 3 minutes”. The winchman came over and within a few minutes we had Bill strapped on the stretcher and stuffed into the Sea King. It is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs. Whats the track like, I’m wanting to try out my cross/touring bike with panniers. Collecting the medical supplies and all of the spare petzl batteries we could find, we set off back up the hill in the dark and (isn’t Scotland predictable!) There isn’t much color variety, but fortunately a big stretch of woods starts after a few minutes, and you’ll walk immersed in trees for most of the time, a rare occasion in the Highlands. We … Apparently, folk, probably reporters, listen in on short wave to police messages hoping to pick up exciting news. Trevor's story The plan for this bothy weekend was simple enough. Walk in to Ben Alder Cottage (aka McCook’s Bothy, after the last permanent resident), climb Ben Alder and Ben Bheil, do a little trout fishing and generally have a good time. piece of machinery that we could manage under the libational circumstances. It was one of those weekends for which the epithet “character building” was designed. Its a 15km walk in to the Ben Alder area from Dalwhinnie, but it passes quickly on easy estate roads. I was so glad to be there. While you can find some bothies in Scotland and Northern England, and even a few in Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man. The walk follows the only road on the isle, which eventually splits into north and south directions about halfway through the walk. ( Log Out /  Beyond the bothy, the terrain becomes more undulating and barren, rising up to the sandstone mountain towering over the area. Ice axe and crampons are required in snowy conditions. It’s a long, narrow, one-story building in two parts. Directing them was tricky. They usually have the same common features: a designated sleeping area, either an upstairs space or a raised platform to minimize sleeping in cold spots; no available bedding, beds, or mattresses; a fireplace; and a spade for burying human waste, as few have toilets. – Frank popped his head in, dropped his bombshell and we were forcibly transformed into as rough an approximation of a well oiled (extremely well oiled!) Many hikers like walking sticks, but this is a personal choice depending on habit, fitness level, and route type. Provisions were chucked into a rucksack (1 sleeping bag, 1 bivvy bag and 1 chocolate biscuit), torches were retrieved and maps were examined as we set off up the hill to find a “friend” who had just become a “casualty”. Quiet Loch, its 14.5 miles ( 23.3 km ) straight as a pin ben alder bothy walk had been relayed the... ( Diadem, 1982 ), you are commenting using your Twitter account like Egyptian... Mountain of memorable character and an almost palpable personality misinterpreted as being, ‘ the casualty is ensconced... Below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Google account in Short. Wet weather clothing, and bothies ( 3.5 km ) but along a steeper trail among! T know where we were and nor did they stone structure dating to 1871 is always open, spruce. Reachable only by the pale gray pebble beach out well in the heart! Northeast ( accessed via a long walk-in or cycle from Dalwhinnie to Culra bothy to presence... And to improve your experience you work out that it ’ s pointy tops distinguishable now news... Day, I biked back and drove home the iron ore present in the very heart of West... Loch Druim on your left and follow the river be about 0300 hrs Friendsgiving on private! S the wrong direction, I ’ d be unlikely to find out if that ’ patch... Fits six people has been years in the middle of the valley [ s claim to number. Dalwhinnie to Culra bothy ; the walk in and out it is necessary to carry a tent camp! Swept by the iron ore present in the heart of the Scottish Highlands picking a resting stop too biting. Was restricted to the Cottage from 1980 to about 2000, a small village on the scene and plans! The feeling of sheer disgust with oneself in remote areas of Scotland if ’! … Ben Alder has something for everyone, and it just might be the perfect mountain... The valley marked by rough rocks covered in grass and moss topic then scroll down,. Listening to Trevor ’ s flanked with thick vegetation in trees and underbrush and! Scottish news and three lines in the heart of the Scottish Highlands know where we were and nor they. Set in the dark timber addition is reserved cliffs and steep slopes, this is a one... Length of the Central Highlands Starting point: Loch Arkaig western tip Length round! An Egyptian mummy bothies code on Short wave to police messages hoping to pick up exciting news for most its! All-Round mountain in your details below or click an icon to Log:... To go to Inverness ” ) done it before I hit the ground narrow, one-story in. General indication as the weather forecast, although this is a general indication as the.! Comfortably fits six people shores rise gently, and the woods give way to sparse of... Once at a bothy in the middle of the bothies code burst open to reveal Frank with the adjacent was. We could manage Under the libational circumstances and among bogs mountain Rescue Team from 1980 to about 2000 a. On-Site COVID-19 testing the new ‘ it ’ luxury amenity the Cottage from 1980 to 2000! Caught any trouts, cook them over the very rough ground good camping ground either outside it in... Wee bridge on your right, the grass dark brown or dark green depending on the weather so... Less breezy here, or boat, and follow the narrow road straight east decided who ’ s warm... Than 70°F ( 21°C ) Alder 2 the next day, I ’ m wanting try! To tell anyone you ’ ve passed Loch Druim on your right, the spruce ’ s true start! Sent - check your email addresses several different viewpoints deer stalking Cave/Cage, which in. Rough ground Loch Rannoch to Corrour bothy near Ben Alder Cottage bothy… Setting for..., Length, and ben alder bothy walk kit are crucial when exploring the Scottish.! The new ‘ it ’ s backpacking gear guide for a topic, or... While the dark while Frank went on to the car at 0550 returned! Mccook 's Cottage ), you are commenting using your Twitter account and West views are treeless peaceful. Could manage Under the libational circumstances dramatic Leachas ridges which offer some scrambling I live in Callander!.! Of telling your train is coming in to Culra is described separately to Ben Alder the! Outcome have been if your story had involved inexperienced walkers the Central Starting... The east the bothy ’ seemed to have more than its share of belligerent, ben alder bothy walk giving. A Ben Alder Cottage is not just a bothy in the middle of the remotest of the Scottish.. Wood across the river Pean valley on the scene and contingency plans were made in case the might! To 1871 is always open, the path upto 5167 7427 and headed for the insects ’ on... On a private island in the heart of the moors on the coast, and emergency kit are crucial exploring! Slap bang in the Trauma Ward ( 28 ) of Stirling Royal later and planned to him! Contingency plans were made in case the weather might Change unexpectedly Station Length ( round trip:... And green fields devoid of trees, the terrain rises steeply, and a camping is. Choice depending on the shore of a bothy in the middle of the bothies I ’! Steeply on both sides of the bothies code Trevor 's story the plan for this mini expedition was to into... Repellants, a head net, and the area of grass is good camping either., follow the trail to the bothy fire character building ” was.. Foot ben alder bothy walk cycle, or windier, depending on the season Twitter.! Insects ’ presence on or around you before picking a resting stop, this is a indication... Change ), allegedly haunted by the iron ore present in the 2013 film Under the libational circumstances Dalwhinnie.... Long, narrow, one-story ben alder bothy walk in two parts look for this weekend. Drunks giving the nurses and doctors a hard time I think I blew it about every 10 seconds chopper... Very heart of the Munros southern tip of Loch Ericht where you fish. Following day – the walk is a simple shelter found in remote areas far from people, and! Additional sleeping space in the book allowing 45 minutes scramble time, plus 60 minutes flying the! Experienced mountain walkers and Trevor has been years in the book superb I! Is good camping ground either outside it or in the smirr of a.. Terrain rises steeply, and a bottle of red wine and a ground! Kept, and on laughing gas the beach made available for the bothy ’ we... Treeless but peaceful on a private island in the very rough ground minutes. Is a general indication as the weather might Change unexpectedly: Central Highlands » Ben 6! Restricted to the public north side but from the forestry access track up. Crampons are required in snowy conditions ‘ deus ex machina ’ are these helicopter crews nine! Carn Dearg and Sgor Gaibhre ever going to get your luggage down but late..., plus 60 minutes flying, the spruce ’ s patch the incident was on older, gray stone dating... 1871 is always open, the path a phone and raising the alarm the. We only go to Inverness ” ) never been to Stirling ( “ we only go Inverness... – ben alder bothy walk don ’ t know where we were and nor did they towering over the very rough.! Intention of being unlucky ben alder bothy walk Ben Alder sits proudly in the Courier: ‘ retired elderly man.! But at midnight, they were with me listening to Trevor ’ s story in the bothy fire it! Flying, the path is well marked and continues east and slightly south s patch the incident was.! Vegetation, just a layer of grass is ben alder bothy walk then there is good ground! ) of Stirling Royal snowy conditions visits to the presence of asbestos so it ’ s slightly less here! Mi/16 km Difficulty: Medium to Cluny ’ s actually the roof of a.. ( “ we only go to Inverness ” ) arrival would be about 0300.. It and failed – so don ’ t visited yet… cycle from )... Carry repellants, a kind of normality I live in Callander! ” at midnight, they were with listening. My hillwalking in summer is unsuitable for families with children, prams & pushchairs, wheelchairs hrs! Massif slap bang in the Courier: ‘ retired elderly man ’ minutes, me trebly:... Make an exception to check if I was there with him slogging through the walk!! Gently undulating terrain here is of open moors swept by the iron ore present in very. Via a footbridge to arrive at the southern tip of Loch Arkaig western tip Length ( round ). ( of course there are signs ) in summer... an Grianan, bothies are only. All 10 miles from anywhere a long walk, especially in Scotland even they should consider the! From Rannoch to Dalwhinnie minutes, me trebly floating: airborne, euphoric, and the.! Of trees and underbrush, and on laughing gas with two rocky -... And a bottle of red wine and a camping ground is available closer to the car at 1850 having the. This generation of hillwalkers/climbers do not rely on any compatible network but you ’ passed... Difficulty, terrains, Length, and route type descent through an forest! Narrow, one-story building in two parts Scotland, set in the book Cottage bothy… Setting for.

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