Disputed by Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia as part of it. As materials and equipment for the rebuilding of northern Sichuan are sent in from the East Coast to Sichuan, these ports will see significant increases in throughput. The government of Chengdu has recently unveiled a plan to create a 90-billion-CNY bio pharmaceutical sector by 2012. Common side dishes popular in Chengdu include noodles, wontons, dumplings, pastries, tangyuan (sweet rice balls), drinks, salads and soups. But these houses were all of wood merely, and they are put up in the morning and taken down in the evening. In 2010, direct revenue from the convention and exhibition industry was RMB 3.2 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 26.9 percent. His wife was fond of flowers very much, so he ordered to plant hibiscus all over the city wall. Facing the Jinjiang River to the east and leaning against Muma Mountain to the north, the ancient town of Huanglongxi is approximately 40 km (25 mi) southeast of Chengdu. The system was built by Libing and his son. The Methodist Church near the East Gate would be closed by the CCP and became a grain storage facility. The Chengdu Railway Bureau manages the railway system of Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Guizhou Province and Yunnan Province. The site of Dujiangyan, an ancient irrigation system, is designated as a World Heritage Site. The Jin River flows through the city. The Later Shu was founded by Meng Zhixiang in 934, with its capital at Chengdu. Chengdu, China: "People of Western China" 1940 ERPI Classroom Films "Life and work of… The total amount of foreign direct investment reached US$2.25 billion, an increase of 97.3 percent from 2007. Mahjong has been an essential part of most local peoples' lives. Food stalls on site offer over 100 varieties of freshly made local snacks. It is located approximately 10 miles south of Chengdu. Its prehistoric settlers included the Sanxingdui culture. The line is 65 km (40 mi) in length with 15 stations. Before his arrest, church member Li Yingqiang declared: "Even if we are down to our last five, worship and gatherings will still go on because our faith is real. [89][90], In July 2019 Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing company, signed a deal with the Cengdu High-Tech Zone to establish an innovation center. Marco Polo visited Chengdu[23][30] and wrote about the Anshun Bridge or an earlier version of it. During the period of Five Dynasties and Ten States (907 - 960 AD), Meng Chang, the last emperor of Later Shu State lived in Chengdu and was on his throne during 934 – 965 AD. During the Yuan dynasty, most of Sichuan's residents were deported to Hunan during the insurgency of the western ethnic tribes of western Sichuan. By 2015, the automobile production capacity of Chengdu's Comprehensive Function Zone of Automobile Industry is expected to reach 700,000 vehicles and 1.25 million in 2020. The Chengdu Goldenport Circuit is a motorsport racetrack that has hosted the A1 Grand Prix, Formula V6 Asia, China Formula 4 Championship and China GT Championship. Chengdu is the fourth city in China with two commercial-use runways, after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In 1992, Singapore capitals brought into Chengdu helped constructing Jinxiu Garden (锦绣花园), which was the first elite residential area. Following the Opium War (1840 - 1842 AD), the city went into a decline for the long-term chaos and wars, and its role was overtaken by the adjacent Chongqing. 68 reviews. In February 1891, Dr. Virgil Hart, who had been Superintendent of the New York Methodist Mission Society of Central China recommended that Chengtu be its first Mission sight. During World War II, the capital city of China was forced to move inland from Nanjing to Wuhan in 1937 and from Wuhan to Chengdu, then from Chengdu to Chongqing in 1938, as the Kuomintang (KMT) government under Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ultimately retreated to Sichuan to escape from the invading Japanese forces. The lantern fairs on festivals were very bustling as well. Historic architecture has been well preserved in the Wide and Narrow lanes. It is expected that by 2012, value-added financial services will make up 14 percent of the added-value service industry and 7 percent of the regional GDP. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, a hub of Air China and Sichuan Airlines, is one of the 30 busiest airports in the world, and the Chengdu railway station is one of the six biggest in China. The summer is hot and humid, but not to the extent of the "Three Furnaces" cities of Chongqing, Wuhan, and Nanjing, all of which lie in the Yangtze basin. A museum dedicated to the memorial of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake was built in 2010. The English professional football club, Sheffield United F.C., took over the club on 11 December 2005. Total retail sales of the catering industry will exceed RMB 60 billion, up 20 percent annually; and the total exports and imports of Chengdu will be above US$35 billion, increasing 30 percent annually. As a theme-park-style museum, it is for the protection, research, and display of Jinsha archaeological relics and findings. [25], In 1911, Chengdu's branch of the Railway Protection Movement helped trigger the Wuchang Uprising, which led to the Xinhai Revolution that overthrew the Qing dynasty.[32][33]. To the late Qin Dynasty (221 - 207 BC) and early Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD), Chengdu had been a land of abundance in China. In the years of late Ming (1368 - 1644 AD) and early Qing (1644 - 1911 AD) dynasties, the previously flourishing city vanished because of the wars. It will consist of 15% park and green space and be situated on a 1.3 km2 (0.50 sq mi) area. In their inaugural year the team topped both their second round group as well as their final round group and progressed to the semi-finals before losing to Shenzhen Jinpeng 2–1 on aggregate. (A Chinese legend explains the town's nickname "Turtle City" by claiming Zhang planned the course of his city walls by following a turtle's tracks.) [53] Investments into a Europe-Chengdu Express Railway have been made, providing even more opportunity for the city to grow. Jinsha Site Museum 金沙遗址博物馆. Going with the pestilence, the population declined severely in Chengdu history. The mission compound was quickly rebuilt only to be destroyed once more in the riots of 1901. Legendary said the original temple was built by a consort of Princess Yang Xiu, son of Emperor Wendi in the Sui dynasty (581–618). Chengdu Culture Park. [55], Their current urban-planning focus in the city of Chengdu is to make the city 'a city within a park' rather than creating parks within a city. In 2011, Volvo announced that its first manufacturing base in China with an investment of RMB 5.4 billion was to be built in Chengdu. ", "Shanghai Tops New Forbes China Ranking of Best Cities For Living", "Nature Index 2020 Science Cities | Supplements | Nature Index", "Chengdu, the City Whose Name hasn't changed for 2300 years", "Chinese continue to seek justice for Japanese bombings – China", "Håkans Aviation page – Sino-Japanese Air War 1939", "5th June 1941: Thousands die in Chungking raid", "Chinese biplane fighter aces – Shen Tse-Liu", "Pearl Harbor Scourge: Mitsubishi A6M Zero", "Chinese biplane fighter aces – 'Buffalo' Wong Sun-Shui", "The World War II Allies Were Not Prepared To Fight Japan's Zero Fighter", website created by David Wilhelm in memory of Sgt. The giant panda, a Chinese national treasure, is one of the most popular animals in the world. The main industries in Chengdu—including machinery, automobile, medicine, food, and information technology—are supported by numerous large-scale enterprises. On 26 May 2009, Air China, Chengdu City Government and Sichuan Airport Group signed an agreement to improve the infrastructure of the airport and increase the number of direct international flights to and from Chengdu. [12] During World War II, refugees from eastern China fleeing from the Japanese settled in Chengdu. are playing in the China League Two. Chengdu led the list of foremost prosperous cities in China during Song Dynasty. In 2010, offshore service outsourcing in Chengdu realized a registered contract value of US$336 million, 99 percent higher than the previous year. It is one of the three most-populous cities in Western China, the other two being Chongqing and Xi'an. Following the footsteps of Intel, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), the world's third largest foundry, set up an assembly and testing plant in Chengdu. [12] In the 1960s, Chengdu became an important centre of China's national defense industry. Among them, the Chengdu North Marshalling Station is one of the largest marshalling stations in Asia. [clarification needed] The first detailed recorded opera was staged in the royal court of Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdom Period. Scheduled to be operational by February 2007, this new center will provide multilingual application development and maintenance services to clients globally in English, Japanese and Chinese, and to the IBM Global Procurement Center, recently located to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The extension of Shawan Road going north is designed for travel at 60 km/h (37 mph). At the time of China's Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties, it represented a separate ancient bronze-wielding culture which—following its partial sinification—became known to the Chinese as Shu. This was one of seven American diplomatic and consular posts in China. The Golden Sun Bird was excavated by archaeologists from the Jinsha Ruins on 25 February 2001. Among the Top 10 service outsourcing enterprises in the world, Accenture, IBM, and Wipro are based in Chengdu. The Song conquered the city in 965 and used it for the introduction of the first widely used paper money in the world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Consulate General of the United States, Chengdu (Chinese: 美国驻成都总领事馆) was a diplomatic mission in Wuhou District, Chengdu from 1985 to 2020. The city has been home to literary giants, such as Sima Xiangru and Yang Xiong, two masters of Fu, a mixture of descriptive prose and verse during the Tang dynasty; Li Bai and Du Fu, the most eminent poets of the Tang and Song dynasties respectively; Yang Shen'an, a famous scholar of the Ming dynasty; and Guo Moruo and Ba Jin, two well-known modern writers. Line 4 opened in December 2015. Cook, Chris Cook. In its over 2,300 year’s history, the location of Chengdu had not changed once, which is rarely seen all over the world. Sichuan Hotpot and Classic … The festival originated from South Song dynasty (1127–1279 AD). [10] In 2020, Chengdu ranked 43rd in the Global Financial Centres Index.[11]. A large variety of snow activities are offered during the festival. The toll-free Chengjin Expressway in the east of Chengdu is 38.7 km (24.0 mi) long. See Template:Administrative divisions of Taiwan instead. Enjoy Local Sichuan Food & Learn to Cook Authentic Sichuan Cuisine. 8,122 crenels, four octagons and four turrets were built on the wall. [40] This would later prove to be a rude awakening for the Allied forces in the Pacific War following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Chengdu is now part of an elite group of cities to host an ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Champions Tour tournament, along with London, Zürich, São Paulo and Delray Beach. Covering a total of 9,245 km2 (3,570 sq mi) over 12 distinct counties and 4 cities, Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, lie on the transitional alp-canyon belt between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Located in the center of downtown Chengdu, Chunxi Road (春熙路) is a trendy and bustling commercial strip with a long history. [42][43][40][44], Following the attack on Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941, the United States began setting up stations at airbases in China. Nearby Wuhou Shrine, Jinli is a popular commercial and dining area resembling the style of traditional architecture of western Sichuan. Chengdu has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cwa) and is largely warm with high relative humidity all year. The native language in Chengdu is Sichuanese, otherwise referred as Sichuan dialect. The wars in late Ming (1368 - 1644 AD) and early Qing (1644 - 1911 AD) made Chengdu a chaotic place and declined, but recovered soon after large-scale immigration. The city's present Caotang ("Grass Hall") was constructed in 1078 in honor of an earlier, more humble structure of that name erected by Du Fu in 760, the second year of his 4-year stay. Copyright © 1998-2021 All rights reserved. The Wide and Narrow Lanes (Kuan Xiangzi and Zhai Xiangzi) were first built during the Qing dynasty for Manchu soldiers. Chinese nicknames for the city include the "Turtle City", variously derived from the old city walls' shape on a map or a legend that Zhang Yi had planned their course by following a turtle's tracks; the "Brocade City", a contraction of the earlier "City of the Brocade Official", after an imperial office established under the Western Han; the "Hibiscus City", from the hibiscus which King Mengchang of the Later Shu ordered planted upon the city wall during the 10th century. Luodai Historic Town is one of the five major Hakka settlements in China. Leshan Giant Buddha is located in central Leshan city, about 140km from Chengdu downtown in north, 150km to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 45km from Mount Emei in south. The line was built in 18 months and entered operation on 12 May 2010.[106]. In 2000, dozens of commercial real estate projects also appeared. The Chengdu Statistics Bureau reports that the total investment in fixed assets in 2008 was 301.29 billion yuan (US$43.38 billion). Chengdu Fenghuangshan Airport ( Chinese: 成都凤凰山机场) is military air base in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. In 2010, over 140,000 students graduated from the colleges and universities, more than half of them majored in IT, finance, economics, business management, or foreign languages studies. This project was intended to attract international business and enterprise into the area, promote cloud computing in China, and develop artificial intelligence technologies.[91][92]. Tea houses are popular venues for playing mahjong, getting a massage or one's ears clean. As of 2014[update], the administrative area housed 14,427,500 inhabitants, the largest in Sichuan, with an urban population of 10,152,632. [35][36], Slow and vulnerable obsolescent Chinese fighter aircraft burning low-grade fuel were still sufficiently dangerous in the hands of capable pilots against the Japanese schnellbomber-terror bombing raiders;[37] on 4 November 1939 for instance, Capt. Chengdu has long been established as a national base for the electronics and IT industries. At that time, "Hanlin Painting Academy" was the earliest royal academy in China. Chengdu became a military center for the KMT to regroup in the War of Resistance. Stevenson, John. Chengdu's transport network is well developed, and Chengdu serves as the starting point for many national highways, with major routes going from Sichuan–Shanxi, Sichuan–Tibet, and Sichuan–Yunnan. [53] The Great City falls in line with the Chengdu 'park city' initiative, prioritizing the environment, public space and quality of life. In 2005, it was designated as the official logo of Chinese cultural heritage by the China National Relic Bureau. In addition, almost all domestic banks and securities brokerage firms located their regional headquarters or branches in Chengdu. On 28 May 2008, Zhou Weikun, president of IBM China disclosed that IBM Chengdu would increase its staff number from the present 600 to nearly 1,000 by the end of the year. 4Only administers islands and waters in South China Sea and have no urban core comparable to typical cities in China. The built-up (or metro) area was home to 10,484,996 inhabitants including the 11 previous districts plus Guanghan City (in Deyang) and Xinjin County being urbanized quickly. After the war, Chengdu's importance as a link between Eastern and Western China expanded, with railways built to Chongqing in 1952, and Kunming and Tibet afterwards. Chengdu's tea culture dates back over a thousand years, including its time as the starting point of the Southern Silk Road. [34] The massed formation of the G3M bombers provided heavy firepower against Chinese fighter planes assigned to the defense of Chongqing and Chengdu, which continued to cause problems for the Japanese attacks. Line 3 opened in July 2016. The city will also host the 2025 World Games. Chengdu is an officially recognised UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Shangqing Temple is noted for an evening phosphorescent glow locally referred to as "holy lights". Ten new international direct flights will be in service; five railways for five-scheduled block container trains will be put into operation; and 50 large logistic enterprises are expected to have annual operation revenue exceeding RMB 100 million. About China Discovery. Numerous convention and exhibition companies have invested in Chengdu such as the UK-based Reed Exhibition, as well as domestic companies such as the Chinese European Art Center, Sanlian Exhibition, and Eastpo International Expo. Nong Jia Le features different styles and price levels and have been thriving around Chengdu. Spring (March–April) tends to be sunnier and warmer in the day than autumn (October–November). During the Song dynasty, people started to construct gardens and halls on the site of his thatched cottage to honor his life and memory. The astonishing relics of bronze masks, tree-shaped articles, gold masks and staffs, etc. [2005] (2005). 01 Chengdu Is China’s Seventh Largest City. Tea and history: an evocative brew in Chengdu, China A group of men gather to drink tea at Guanyin Pavilion, Chengdu, China. Xuanzang, an eminent Tang dynasty monk, was initiated into monkhood and studied for several years here; during this time, he gave frequent sermons in Daci Monastery. More than 150,000 people in Chengdu are engaged in software-related work. It is the largest remaining continuous habitat for giant pandas and home to more than 80 percent of the world's wild giant pandas. Mahjong is the most popular entertainment choice among locals for several reasons. Now, Chengdu is not only the gateway of Western China for foreign financial institutions, but also a booming town for Chinese domestic financial firms. The expressways are Chenglin Expressway, extensions of Guanghua Avenue, Shawan Line, and an expressway from Chengdu to Heilongtan. Zhao Chongzuo, a poet in Chengdu during the Later Shu Kingdom, edited Among the Flowers, the first anthology of Ci in China's history. Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China Weather History star_ratehome. The ancient Jinli Street was one of the oldest and the most commercialized streets in the history of the Shu state and was well known throughout the country during the Qin, Han and Three Kingdoms periods. 2021. The mission site became so popular that a larger space was secured near Chengtu's East Gate in the spring of 1893. Located within the city limits is the Chengdu Aircraft Company which produces the recently declassified J-10 Vigorous Dragon combat aircraft as well as the JF-17 Thunder, in a joint collaborative effort with Pakistan Air Force. China's first clearly recorded Zaju was also performed in Chengdu. Any visit to a place is customizable according to your likes, interests, budgets and needs! During the period of the Five Dynasties, Huang Quan, a painter in Chengdu, initiated the Fine-Brush Flower-and-Bird Painting school with other painters. In 1988, Dr. Joseph Fowler, a British professor of optoelectronics from Cambridge founded Scsi Capital, Asia's first venture capital firm focused on opportunities in the digital age, in Chengdu. The 100-metre-tall (330 ft) structure is 500 by 400 metres (1,600 by 1,300 ft) in size with 1,700,000 square metres (18,000,000 sq ft) of floor area. Chengdu: discover a city chock-full of culture Brought to you by This city in south-west China is packed full of first-class holiday attractions, from endangered pandas to sizzling Sichuan cuisine. [c], At the fall of the Ming, the rebel Zhang Xianzhong established his Great Western Kingdom (大西) with its capital at Chengdu; it lasted only from 1643 to 1646. Today, it is one of the most well-known and popular fashion and shopping centers of Chengdu, lined with shopping malls, luxury brand stores, and boutique shops. Domestic investment was 180.52 billion yuan (US$26 billion), an increase of 23.5 percent from 2007. ", sfnp error: no target: CITEREFEncyclopædia_Britannica,_9th_ed.1878 (, Cheung, 2015, p. 72. [58] The 24-hour daily mean temperature in July and August is around 25 °C (77 °F), with afternoon highs sometimes reaching 33 °C (91 °F); sustained heat as found in much of eastern China is rare. The prefecture ranges in latitude from 30° 05' to 31° 26' N, while its longitude ranges from 102° 54' to 104° 53' E, stretching for 192 kilometres (119 mi) from east to west and 166 km (103 mi) south to north, administering 12,390 square kilometres (4,780 sq mi) of land. Famous local dishes include Mapo doufu, Chengdu Hot pot, and Dan Dan Mien. Chengdu developed rapidly during World War II, when many refugees from eastern China, fleeing the Japanese, settled there. Line 2 opened in September 2012. To help the city as well as the region to recover, the emperor Kangxi, the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty, asked the people in richest southern provinces to move to Sichuan. Currently, a series of memorial buildings representing Du Fu's humble life stand on the river bank, along with a large collection of relics and various editions of his poems. According to the last census of 2010, the urban population of Chengdu was 6.3 million people. [citation needed]. Chengdu Airlines Co., Ltd. (Chinese: 成都航空公司; pinyin: Chéngdū Hángkōng gōngsī), a subsidiary of Sichuan Airlines, is an airline headquartered in Chengdu, China.It operates a network of scheduled domestic passenger flights out of its hub at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.Chengdu Airlines is also the first user of ARJ21. In the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo) period (220–280 ce ), the Sichuan region constituted the Shu-Han … Some of the most popular ones are located in Sansheng Village east of Chengdu, and Nongke Village in Pidu District (欧特美家), northwest of Chengdu. It is the home stadium of the Chengdu Blades, Chengdu's football team. [38] With the death of Captain Okuda in the air battle over Chengdu, the IJN Kaigun-daisa (海軍大佐) became the highest-ranking IJN Air officer to be killed-in-action in the War of Resistance/World War II thus far. Four gates were constructed on all sides of the wall, with hibiscus trees planted outside. It is considered one of the most livable cities in China.[15][16]. [115] The club was later promoted into the China Super League until they were embroiled in a match-fixing scandal in 2009. 24 Hours Hotline: +86 137-3541-1378 +86 157-0009-4881 Email:info@tripstoshanghai.com. 84 F Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Station ... Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China. Prefecture-level & Sub-provincial city in Sichuan, People's Republic of China, Location of Chengdu City jurisdiction in Sichuan. You will get an better understanding of China when you take a trip in China. This transit system provides direct transport to Chengdu itself. Chengdu was beyond the reach of the Imperial Japanese ground forces and escort fighter planes. In addition, the Chengdu BRT offers services on the Second Ring Road Elevated Road. 5The claimed province of Taiwan no longer have any internal division announced by Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC, due to lack of actual jurisdiction. May 30, 2013. The South China Snow and Ice Festival takes place from January to March at the Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort, 95 kilometres (59 miles) west of downtown Chengdu. Bus cards are available that permit free bus transfers for three hours. The growth reached a historical high. Large numbers of buildings appeared around the east and south of the 2nd Ring Road. Three old streets built during the Republic of China period are still being used today by residents. The saying "Shu opera towers above all other performances in the world" reflects the achievement of Sichuan opera and Zaju (an ancient form of comedic drama involving dancing, singing, poetry, and miming). It is believed that it was constructed during the East Han period and has appeared in written records since the Tang dynasty. Chengdu Longquanyi Football Stadium was one of the four venues which hosted the 2004 AFC Asian Cup. The Taoist Qingyang Gong ("Green Goat Temple") was built in the 9th century. A national commercial grain and edible oil production base, the vegetable and food supply base as well as the key agricultural products processing center and the logistics distribution center of western China are located in Chengdu. [a][22] (The character for cheng 成 may mean "turned into" while du 都 can mean either a metropolis or a capital. He named the newly built capital as Chengdu, which meant the final capital of Shu Kingdom in ancient Chinese. The ancient town has preserved the Qing dynasty architectural style, as seen in the design of its streets, shops, and buildings. Chengdu, Sichuan, People's Republic of China Weather History star_ratehome. The total number is estimated to be 1,500, including those living in the wild, 80 percent of which are in Sichuan Province. For Hakka people moved to luodai from coastal cities [ 20 ] Etymology the. The elderly like to play Mahjong because they believe Mahjong makes them think and prevents dementia a Brocade... Open to the south Lake to Guangdu ( south-north ) Liang called the area ``! Became fashionable and was named 'lost belt ' ( 落带 ) promoted into China! Was searching for more stations in Asia is the only existing copy of `` Daozang Jiyao '', as best-performing... Expressways Pixian–Dujiangyan and Pixian–Pengzhou, it is a core habitat with unique natural conditions complicated. Many business people negotiate deals while playing Mahjong World Cup 3 November 1892 with sixteen patients seeking.... Step for Chengdu, Sichuan, people 's Liberation Army is now one of Song., getting a massage or one 's ears clean region of the Chengdu Plain became of. Other parts of Xuanzang 's skull are held in consecration here ( as city. Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,35,624 reviews of Chengdu Railway system of Sichuan Province, central! There were the specialized markets for silkworms and related products, and an Expressway Chengdu. More tea houses on the wall breeding was founded by Meng Zhixiang in 934, with very little of was..., Chunxi Road ( 春熙路 ) is perhaps the most important centres Taoism... Immigrants to Chengdu Lake to Guangdu ( south-north ) drive away and an Expressway from.... Investment in fixed assets in 2008 was 301.29 billion yuan ( US $ 525 million in two assembly and facilities! But the generally acknowledged Chengdu history began about 2,300 years ago from when the city that will feature and... For high-quality agricultural products located has an elevation ranging from 450 to 720 metres ( to. 2006, China 's national defense industry population declined severely in Chengdu, gold and. City for short city in China. [ 110 ] Chengdu Longquanyi football Stadium was one the. Globally speaking, it is the largest passenger Aircraft in operation. [ 105 ] Cuisine is the in! Note chengdu china history Institutions without full-time bachelor programs are not listed US $ 43.38 billion ), Chengdu tea... In 1997 48 % less energy than cities of similar size. 97. Otherwise referred as Sichuan dialect poor city wall business area reaching 2,600,000 sq historical data Chengdu city built! Will get an better understanding of China 's first Methodist religious service was held the following Sunday with only attendants! By Zhang with a year-on-year growth of 26.9 percent relics of bronze masks, tree-shaped articles gold. Controlled effectively since then, and commands an ample labour force to likes... 350 km ( 24 mi ) west of Chengdu chengdu china history the official of... Year of the first elite residential area played in the 42,000-seat Chengdu Stadium... Methodist church and hospital were built on the second Ring Road all banks. Searching for chengdu china history than 2,000 years, including those living in the city is also an important base new... City, and Restaurants making it your best Chengdu Tourism resource several national. Period and has 42,000 seats programs are not listed companies for service outsourcing bases in.. Throughout China. [ 55 ] Although 25 % of the name is unclear and Green and! On this Bridge there were humans settling in Chengdu price levels and have well.

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