Didn't notice you come up. Sebastian Lort (DA03Wizard) respawns after being killed because the base NPC record was using the base template data that has the respawn flag checked. (Bug #19083), 000603B7, 00081DB2, 000B67D0, 000CEDB0, 000CEDB1, 000EEB5D, 000EEB62, 001055B2, 001055B3, 001055B8: Clipping pots. (Bug #25069), Fixes for Bow to the Master (FreeformMerryfairFarm) have been removed due to dependency on a stage script that can't be distributed on PS4. In Revealing The Unseen (MG06) the objective to report to Savos Aren is never completed, and the objective to reach Ancano is never displayed or completed. This issue has now been fixed through the use of an "ini snippet" which is now included with the USKP distribution. (Bug #14777), Odar has a hello topic which is no longer appropriate to use after General Tullius is dead. (Bug #17507), 02060129, 0206012a: Rocks placed to cover gap behind Dwemer wall pieces. Three quests at the College of Winterhold were configured as Actor Dialogue Events but had not been properly configured to start the scenes they were meant to call. ["Summurset Isle" -> "Summerset Isle"] (Bug #18494), SkillTwoHanded1: "when the Parikh tribe began their rampage through southeastern Valenwood with the aid of powers from the Summurset Isle," ["Summurset Isle" -> "Summerset Isle"] / "As it turned out, I had business of my own in the Summurset Isle, compiling a book on the Psijic Order." (Bug #16787), "Well, I don't think you should stay things like that about the Ambassador!" (Bug #19158) [NR], 000235D6, 000299F7, 0008B706: Necromancer and bandits outside of Ustengrav needed to have their encounter zone set so that they don't respawn like those in the interior cells. (Bug #15189), SublistEnchDwarvenWarhammerAbsorbHealth, SublistEnchDwarvenWarhammerAbsorbMagicka, and SublistEnchDwarvenWarhammerAbsorbStamina were passing out war axes instead of hammers. (Bug #21177, Bug #21086, Bug #21047, Bug #21045), 000bdf3d: Floating hay scatter. The resistance descriptions for vampires were listing as -20% etc when it makes more sense to list as 20% etc. (Bug #22457), 010016F8, 010016F9, 010016FE, 01001733, 01001734, 0100173C, 0100173D, 01001743, 01001746, 010017C7, 010017CD: Tree thickets and shrubs using the wrong texture for the type of climate where they are located. (Bug #16548), CWMission07BlackmailExposeA: "I have no strong love for the Stormcloaks but I can't say I'm all that fond of the Empire, either." In light of Patch 1.9 adding other Imperial gear, this oversight has been corrected. (Bug #19173), Leveled list lchardragonany lacked fire dragons at level 27 even though they exist and should have been in the list since all other levels have them. "And a human witness possibly even a thrall or servant learning, observering" ("observering" -> "observing") (Bug #22421), 000B32D0, 000B33C4: Hay bales that were clipping with other objects. (Bug #12581), The Dragonbone Battleaxe had an incorrect sound detection setting. (Bug #18048, Bug #18093, Bug #18143), 02022D57: Created a rubble ceiling piece to cover up a hole in a portion of the ceiling [Ref 000B7781] in High Gate Ruins. All of the GuardRiftenPractice* packages, as well as RiftenHarraldPracticeDummy12x7, will no longer have the "Weapon Drawn" flag. (Bug #16543), "Ever wonder if maybe we should a call a truce with the Imperials and join forces for just a little while take care of some of these dragons?" Not yet. (Bug #20072), 00050BC1 : Sconce properly applied to the wall. (Bug #15047), 000C1A8A: Duplicate weapon in Northwatch Keep. (Bug #14130), "Hide and Seek" (DLC1RH01) could not set the crime faction for the target because the alias property was not set. 000c0eec: Apple (and all of its immediate neighbors) that were being forced out of their bowl because too many had been stuffed in it. (Bug #25583). (Bug #15645), 0301d3ce, 0301d3cf: Misaligned dirt floor pieces in Nchardak. I some ways I still don't." (Bug #20712), 000abe88: Rock pile that was misaligned resulting in a visible gap. (Bug #12877), Two lines for Dirge lacked conditions to keep them from playing after you had become Guildmaster for the Thieves Guild. -> "You've solved more problems in the short time you've been here than anyone in my court has their entire careers." (Bug #23570), 05079E84: Rubble piece added to cover a gap underneath a floor piece. Would you look at that." (Bug #16298), The Savior of Selveni Nethri (dunSouthfringeQST) is set up as a Miscellaneous quest but increments the Side Quests achievement when it isn't supposed to. (Bug #20117) [NR], 0009F118, 0009F149: Misplaced dressers. "Season Unending"... and so it has proved." The wall section could not be moved to cover it. (Bug #19345), 00025773: Poorly placed cave floor section. Very well." (Bug #18447), dunForelhostAlchemistNote02: "Froda, do not deter the other alchemist from their work." (Bug #6237), Floating flowers outside of Sylgja's house. (Bug #16383), DLC1DialogueHunterBaseInfectedBranchTopic: "You've gone and gotten yourself turned into one of them." Thank you." -> "Excuse me, I'm trying to watch a traitor to the Emperor lose his head." (Bug #23183), 0003273D: Table scaled down slightly that was too large to fit underneath another table. 000a313e: Enchanting table stuck into a rock. (Bug #14506), 000e600d: Stormcloak banner not connected to an enable parent. (Bug #17615), Bjartur has a hello topic that is no longer appropriate to use if Ahtar is dead. (Bug #23841), MS13LucanCamillaScene [000382C5]: "Well what are you going to do then, huh? (Bug #1083). That traitorous bitch! How are you in battle, girl?" -> "I'll take you down too. (Bug #13038), For some people, killing Malkoran would result in a double face bug on the corpse due to a bad shader setup. (Bug #15584), The DLC2TelMithrynZone encounter zone was not assigned to DLC2TelMithrynLocation which would cause problems for leveled list generation in the area. (Bug #13214), Calcelmo's dialogue response for accepting an investment was pointing to the wrong shared dialogue entry. Elven shields were incorrectly set to use impact sounds for heavy armor and were incorrectly flagged as heavy shield material. (Bug #22324), 000CD6F1: Quicksilver ingot placed beneath the ground under a waterfall. -> "group of necromancers." (Bug #13358), The WETriggerOnLoad object did not have the WERoadStart keyword set as required. Niranye will no longer yell for people to browse her wares at all hours after becoming a fence. (Bug #16097), dunRobbersGorgeQST_SentryInitialTopic: "You know how this works- toll here is 100 gold." (Bug #18950, Bug #18840), 0005C4CC, 00080B3F, 00086A32, 00086E9C, 000D1F13, 0010370C: Misplaced buckets. (Bug #12900), 000b1859: Snowdrift with exposed bottom. I can pay Maven back!" (Bug #21315), 0007DE1E, 0007DE0E: walls wrongly placed, showing gaps in the ceiling. (Bug #22815), 00078BAB, 00078BB7, 00078C59, 0008FBAF, 0009E149, 0009E164, 0009E18A, 000DED46, 000DED4C, 000DED54, 000DED5C: World encounter trigger boxes that had their script properties set to the wrong holds. Collision marker replaced by proper ship stairs. This area is off limits." (Bug #22105), 0300ED67, 0300ED68: Hawk feathers on the roof of Heljarchen Hall were not linked to an enable parent marker. Then we all walk away happy..." (Bug #16890), MS04AvanchnzelInnkeeperRumorTopic: "Yes, Yes. (Bug #19315), If the player joins the Stormcloaks (either initially or by defecting after Jagged Crown) the quest where the player can pick up free Imperial gear (CW01AOutfitImperial) is never shut down which leaves Beirand in a perpetual essential alias. ["it's" -> "its"] (Bug #15654), DLC1RV03Q2: "That will make them all more upset to have one of their citizens slain," ["all more" -> "all the more"] (Bug #15655), DLC1RV03StartTopic: "and give those trouble makers something to worry about" ["trouble makers" -> "troublemakers"] (Bug #15656), DLC1RV05StartTopic: "We must infuse it with more power if we are to keep it's fullest effects." (Bug #15856), The scene quest for innkeepers to show you to your room (WIRentRoomWalkTo) needed to exempt Delphine from using it because she has no recorded dialogue for this event. Version 1.4 was released as a Steam update on 6 February 2017. (Bug #14107), When purchasing the cleanup option for Hjerim to get rid of the murderer's mess (MS11), entering the house could cause a black screen and full freeze if the chest had anything added to it by the player. (Bug #18779), 0005265C, 0005265D, 0005265F, 00052660, 00052661: Tables replaced with table and bench combinations since the markers on the existing benches were facing the wrong direction. (Bug #17126) [NR], 0003E1DF: Quest stage trigger that needed a prereq property placed on it to keep it from triggering errors. When training with Vilkas in Call to Arms (C00) he issues combat taunts to the player. Several guard greetings that should play after buying a house have been fixed. The player will now receive the Well Rested bonus from sleeping in the Winterhold College Arch Mage's quarters if they are the Arch Mage. If Malthyr Elenil becomes the barkeep at the New Gnisis Corenerclub, he can now sell drinks as intended. (Bug #13587) [NR], 2006731 - sc_BoneyardDoor, these massive stone doors used very light sounding wooden open/close sounds, changed to appropriate heavy stone sounds, 200633E, 200633F, 200633C, 200633D - Barrels intersecting wall, 20106BD, 20106BC - Columns could be seen clipping through the inside of a fireplace, 200F467 - Crate intersecting another crate, also had to move it's contents (4 iron ingots: 200F498, 200F497, 200F496, 200F495), 20081A7 - Dock with rope disconnected from the next dock section, 2013AAC - Firewood pile intersecting a column, 200E95F - Mausoleum piece with z-fighting, 200FBBC, 2003834, 2011219, 2011AB3, 2006A65 - Flying shrubs, 2003E26 - Stairs with exposed hollow backside, 400CE04 - Added a rock to cover a landscape hole. (Bug #20938), 000b8b7b: Misplaced snowberry bush. Her fight for succession nearly tore the empire apart." (Bug #15452), Dirge needed to have his confidence value lowered one level to allow for the possibility of intimidating him. (Bug #14758), Niranye had a line of after work dialogue which was impossible to use due to a bad condition check. -> "Here's a couple of bottles for you." (Bug #15925), DA13KeshOrchendorBranchTopic: "He's an Overseer." (Bug #18722), 00107D31: Leveled animal spawn point that is placed above the ground. (Bug #15071), dunWhiteRiverWatch_Boss on dunMasterQST needed to be marked as optional because the game wants to clear it if dunWhiteRiverWatchQST has been completed. (Bug #16855), "No gloom can hold my heart for long in Shor's bless'd hall, where no shadows lie." (Bug #22305), 0500AA08, 0500AA09, 0500AA0A: Rocks added to cover up holes in tundra rock pieces [Ref 000EA2DA, 000414DC]. -> "No. (, 000251fd: Trap door + ladder floating slightly off the ground. (Bug #18680), 03003f57: Floating sleep marker for Lucia in Whiterun. (Bug #12655), The Dragonbone Greatsword speed value has been set to 0.75 to synch with the USKP changes to the other greatswords. (Bug #13296), Slitter lacks a bed and sleep package. -> "And Corundum. (Bug #17053), DialogueSolitudeEvette02Topic: "Is your spiced wine made from a secret recipe?" She now carries a Longbow instead of the bowl. (Bug #27787), DLC2DialogueTelMithryn [04019592]: "My new steward is...acceptable." (Bug #15931), DA14YsoldaInfo0: "It was the sweetest story I'd ever heard." (Bug #15556), TG07Hellos: "Hold your thoughts 'til" -> "Hold your thoughts until" (Bug #15557), TG08BHellos: "Do the Falmer also have no sense of smell?" (Bug #8587), The haggling perks deliver inconsistent results. This bad condition check would also block the proper response once Inge was dead, instead running the response as though she were still alive. (Bug #17613), Svari has a hello topic that is no longer appropriate to use if Greta is dead. (Bug #16966), 0006618C, 00066192, 0008F981, 0008F983, 0008F986, 0008F987, 000908FC, 00090901, 00090903, 00090904, 00090905, 00090907, 00090909, 00090910, 000F997B, 000F997C: Columns and Dibella statues clipping with each other in the Temple of Dibella. (Bug #29124), ThrowVoiceLine [000E0CB5]: "Hey, slug-breath!" -> "Or I'll bloody your nose and your lip." -> "And I'm surprised you can smell anything but the stink of your own filth." (Bug #15804), FFRiften13AlessandraDaggerBranchTopic: "It usually given by the head priest who sanctified the ritual." ("know" -> "knowing"), 4C6C8 TG02BillofSale "Goldenglow Bill of Sale": "Payment of the property has been made in full by Gulum-Ei as an agent on behalf of the buyer." (Bug #16161), DBHelvardKillChoice3BranchTopic: "If you have some kind of official business with the jarl, I'm afraid now's not the time." (Bug #16779), MQ201 (Goodbye): "" -> "Argh!" (Bug #24812), 0006B34B, 00099A90, 0009B4EE, 000AAFFA: Floating boulder and rock piles. (Bug #14224), FrostflowLighthouseLocation had cave keywords on it which caused NPCs to comment about being in a cave when it's not. Guards will no longer have doubled up damage perks which cause them to deliver one shot death blows even to high level players. (Bug #21055), 05065c4e, 05065c4f: Dirt mounds added to cover up tears in a cave floor [Ref 04025bae]. (Bug #24613), 000619B4, 00094A0D, 00099608: Misplaced rocks. (Bug #16705), "After running from Nightcaller Temple, I wandered Skyrim for years until I was taken in by a priest of Mara who lived in Morthal." EnchBoundBattleaxeFX, EnchBoundBowFX, and EnchBoundSwordFX will be marked hidden in the UI so the effect they temporarily place on the player when hit won't show up in the effects list (or on SkyUI's HUD). (Bug #17473), 000D331A, 0006DEBF, 000A6573, 000A6565, 0008AF20: z-fighting floor piece. -> "Too strong, want to be chief." (Bug #18396), Klimmek's sandbox package outside in Ivarstead had no activity flags set. The replacement would spawn correctly but because it didn't get stored in the alias, the blade broke. A number of Dawnguard-added magic effects for vampiric absorption spells didn't work on undead, despite the vanilla and player drains working on undead just fine; it would cause problems with Serana, who would blithely use her useless drain spell on hostile undead. (, The Mistwatch quest (dunMistwatchQST) attempts to set an incorrect stage if the player kills Christer, which makes it impossible to tell Fjola you've "gotten rid of him". 000470b0: Rock with exposed underside in cell -1,-7. -> "Hope you put it to good use. (Bug #13409), 000134ac: Wrong bed type for child use. Broken border connections and mislabeled water triangles effectively made the entire maze area impassible by NPCs. (Bug #17786), DLC2DialogueSkaalVillageHellos [03019B47]: "This Dark Elves of Raven Rock keep to their city, and we Skaal keep to our village." Spiced wine for ya? (Bug #15990), DialogueDawnstarWindpeakInnScene09View: "You should quit working in the Eastern Mine." -> "Suddenly, I don't feel like fighting." (Bug #13580), Dwarven crossbow bolts do not have pickup or drop sounds assigned. (Bug #21088), 0508e45b: Dungeon piece added to an area in Soljund's Sinkhole [Ref 000334fd, 000334ff] where the ceiling was missing. (Bug #23042), 000186EF, 0007BFA6, 000BE0D0, 000CF6F5, 000D0391, 000D0392, 000D03C1: Misplaced thistle plants. (Bug #17272), Varnius Junius has a hello topic that references an NPC that is cut from the game. TrainerMarksmanExpert has had its armor skill changed from light to heavy armor, as the only NPC that uses it, Aela the Huntress, wears heavy armor. The quest will now generate a copy of the static version instead so it won't get sent flying when created. (Bug #16591), MG03Stage30UragFellglowInfoTopic: "Arch-Mage Aren's approach to these things is to just let them sort themselves out." (Bug #18098), 00100B62: Rotated a vine cluster slightly to prevent one of the vines from floating. (Bug #24297), 0200B13B: Misplaced spiky grass plant. (Bug #28298, Bug #28229, Bug #28130, Bug #28128, Bug #28126, Bug #28119, Bug #28101), 000C0E68, 000CA061: Floating bed. -> "or broken table." (Bug #17571), 00060190: Rubble section with exposed underside. (Bug #16476), DLC2MQ03StornStage30MiraakTopic: "He was Dragonborn, and yet he served the Dragons." -> "unless the Rieklings used it for bathwater." -> "Head on, then. -> "Bralsa may be welcome here again, but I still expect her to pay her way like everyone else." (Bug #15131), 000B56A7, 00035321: Tonal locks into Blackreach that were misaligned. "He was rumored to illiterate," ("to illiterate" -> "to be illiterate" -> "When you die, I will raise you and you can take your place by my side." (Bug #19939), The fix for the Dark Souls perk not applying properly to reanimated corpses was actually done backward. They should instead be: 0.00, 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, and 2.00. fIntimidateConfidenceMultFoolhardy being set to 100.00 is why it was impossible to intimidate these NPCs. -> "Giving away your Spiced Wine, eh?" (Bug #14537), 000D97DD: Bandit carrying firewood did not have the script properties set. (Bug #15256), 0007C0EF: Misaligned road chunk. (Bug #18574), 0202382E: Created a rock to cover up a protruding rock cliff piece [Ref 0006E691]. (Bug #16823), MQ203EsbernAlduinsWallWhere: "This is what I've been trying to explain. 04032EB9, 0403561B, 0403563A, 0403563B, 0403563C, 0403563D, 0403563E, 0403563F, 04035640, 0403652B, 0403652D, 04036536, 04036BE9, 04036BEA, 04036BEF, 04036BF0, 04036BF4, 04036BF6, 04036C62, 0403B44B, 0403B44C, 0403B44E, 0403B450, 0403B451: Misplaced thickets and shrubs. (Bug #14507), 02013B4E: Light source incorrectly tied to an enable parent. But you're not going to kill me. (Bug #160), Members of ChickenFaction will no longer flag crimes. "stahlrim" -> "stalhrim", DLC2Book2CommonRavenRock01: "Forword" -> "Foreward", "miner's" -> "miners", DLC2Book2CommonRavenRock02: "Forword" -> "Foreward", DLC2Book2CommonRavenRock03: "Forword" -> "Foreward", "furthur -> further", "Councillor -> Councilor", The changes to DA04 turned out to not be necessary for the UDBP to copy. Use it on the Eye!" (Bug #11913), Frodnar did not own his bed in Hod's house, often resulting in Hod displacing him and causing his sleep package to fail. You will need to restore a save prior to having visited the dungeon. (Bug #3652), Several spells could be blocked by spell absorb/reflect and have been corrected to prevent that. (Bug #25874), 02001785: Closed gap under a dirt ramp. ["ME2500" -> "ME 2500"] / "The earliest Merethic date cited by King Harald's scholars was ME2500" ["ME2500" -> "ME 2500"] / "As such, the Merethic Era extends from ME2500 in the distant past to ME1" ["ME2500" -> "ME 2500" / "ME1" -> "ME 1"] / "According to King Harald's bards, ME2500 was the date of construction of the Adamantine Tower on Balfiera Island in High Rock," ["ME2500" -> "ME 2500"] (Bug #18425), SkillLockpicking2: "Emperor of the Holy Cyrodiilic Empire of Tamriel and his daughter the Princess Galana, and His Majesty King Mantiarco of Solitude." (Bug #17174), 000d5df0: Book embedded in table. > "Well, let's not waste time talking about it, then!" Since her only dialogue is unfitting after the Stormcloaks take Solitude, she will be disabled after the city is taken. (Bug #17732), 0005BD23, 0005BD24, 0005BD28: Gold coins clipping with a wooden plate. > "I don't know where to start. (Bug #13458), Dawnguard heavy boots were wrongly using the sound for light armor. Asta (dunEldergleamPilgrimNordF) and Sond (dunEldergleamPilgrimNordM) were set to respawn if killed despite being uniquely named NPCs. The tempering recipe for the Mask of Clavicus Vile was using steel instead of ebony as expected. (Bug #21642). (Bug #20106), 00015F53, 000C8CE0: Misplaced tankards. During the Civil War battles in Whiterun, Solitude, or Windhelm, it is possible for adopted children currently living in those cities to be transported back to their editor locations due to the AI package CWCitizensFleeSandboxEditorLocationLockDoors. A mead barrel [Ref 000B32D5] on top of one of the barrels needed to be adjusted along with it. (Bug #16334), DLC1VQ04RNPCLabQuestionsBranchTopic01c: "Like she didn't want to just stop my father... she wanted to stick it to him, too." (Bug #17738), 0206624b: Rock placed to cover cliff gap. (Bug #22957), 0401B1E7, 0401FAB4, 0401FAF5, 0402864E: Misplaced rubble piles. Delphine appears to have been unable to light all of the torch pits in Sky Haven Temple due to bad navmeshing in the cell making her unable to reach them all reliably. Alduin had flown far from the path of right action in his pahlok - in the arrogance of his power." 000CB48E: basket grounded and havok disabled. It has now been removed from the data for MS06Start. -> "I have a home again." Use it on the Eye!" (Bug #18579), TG03Goodbyes [00055042]: "The Captain of the Guard isn't patient when it comes to tasting time." ["3E389" -> "3E 389"] / "In 3E399, an enigmatic Champion defeated the Battlemage in the dungeons of the Imperial Palace and freed Uriel VII from his other-dimensional jail." Also adjusted the placement of two candles [Ref 00083d56, 00083d7f] next to the shrine. They have been separated out from each other in case items are stored inside. -> "Hey, slug breath!" (Bug #25261), Orphans transferred to Riften are not in an ownership faction and thus can't use various markers in the orphanage. Removed Bench and replaced Table with a Table with Bench combo, 9D519, 9D51C, 9E107, 9E157, 9E158, 9D4F8, 9D502, 9DC93, 9E159, 9E15A: Cuttlery intersecting surface, often falls through when havok settles, 107751, 107752, 10774F, 107750, 107772, 107773: Eggs intersecting Tables, often falls through when havok settles, 77CD6, 77CD5, 10CE83, 10CE84, 10CE85, 10CE86, 10CE58, 10CE57, 77CD7, 10CE81: Skulls intersecting shelves, 71B9A, EBBBE, 10C6F1, C3D87, 10C6F3, C3D88, 10C6F2, 10C6F4: Sunken Lanterns, 20C11: Dwemer Sconce not properly aligned to wall, 88C99: Lantern almost completely hidden in a wall, 8A278: Lantern stuck inside a Dwemer Sconce, 88CE7, 88CE8, 88CCD, 88CCF, 88CBC, 88CFC, 88CB6, 88CA2, 8AD80, D6545, D6544, D6546: Sunken Lanterns, D700A: Flying Table (Also moved items on top of it), 6C94C: Ceiling section in the Bard's College rotated the wrong way, resulting in one-sided seethrough holes, DD362, D6DAE: Book intersecting Table, falls through when havok settles, DD36C: Flying Cupboard, also had to move objects on top of it (DD36D, DD36A, DD36B), 35F12: Draugr Corpse not aligned with floor, 16285, CC313, CC311, B6529, B652A: Floating Candle Horns, C2A6B, C2A6C: Giant Mortars that are floating or intersecting, EFD30, EFD2F, EFD2E, EFD2C, EFD20, EFD1F, EFD1D, EFD13, EFD12, EFD10, EFD0F, EFD32, EFD31: Floating Coffins, BFC2A: Barrel intersecting another Barrel, C0DEB, C0DEE, C0DED, C0DEF: Pile of Flying Crates, intersecting other crates (Also had to move 105FED, 105FD6 on top of them), E887F, D9050: Dwemer Wall Sconces too far from walls, 7C07B, 7C07C: Misaligned building sections, causing seethrough gaps, C3BFD: Book stuck in the underside of an End Table, A0ED0: Rock with exposed hollow underside, D3B15, BA06A, AE42B, C3AB8, AEFDF, AEFDD, 88DDF, 88DC2, 88DC9: Flying Trees, 420FC, CB9D1, CB9D0, CB9D5, CB9D2, CB9D3, CB9D4, E1EA5, 69169, F5758: Sunken Lanterns, 478B7, 5751C, 57685, 57684, A9C58, A9C57, A9C5A, A9C59, B658C, B658B, 185E1: Beds with one marker in a wall, replaced with L or R version, 526C5: Floating Table (also moved 6890F, 6890E, 68910 on top of it), 526C6: Floating Chair with unsuitable markers, replaced with R version, AD310, AD2F2, AD2F1: Wall Mounted Antlers too far from wall or poorly aligned, AE6E2: Flying Chair with front marker inside a Table, replaced with proper LR version, A904C, A904B, A8C11: Chairs too close to Table, 8DE52: Flying Rock with exposed hollow underside, Text for the perk description of Green Thumb has been changed to reflect that it works on more than just plants. (Bug #13616), PerkSummonStormAtronachPCPotent: "Potency: Conjure Storm Atronach" -> "Conjure Potent Storm Atronach" - Not consistent with the naming of the frost and flame versions. Muiri was no longer essential after "Mourning Never Comes" (DB03) but had no cleanup script. 0200182a: rock added to close a big gap between rock cliff ref 000614ad and terrain. They previously got other bug fixes relating to ghosts but the loot flag was overlooked. Removed a number of floating object fixes that are no longer needed because SSE fixed them itself. (Bug #17440), Octieve San has a hello topic that is no longer appropriate to use if Evette is dead. boring." ["Cidha" -> Cidhna"] (Bug #18440), TGTQ03SolitudeLetter: "To Current Steward of Whiterun" -> "To current Steward of Whiterun:" (Bug #18441), dunFrostflowAbyssNote02: "Take care of yourself little sister" -> "Take care of yourself little sister." (Bug #28080), Grass density in the Soul Cairn was adjusted when SSE first released but is also responsible for a serious drop in frame rates. -> "I will set out at once, then." (Bug #18212), 020468DC: Created a rock to cover up a gap underneath a terrain piece [Ref 00043918]. Hillgrund's Tomb was incorrectly set as being part of The Pale when it should be in Eastmarch. -> "Many have braved the shadowed vale, but vain is all courage against the peril that guards the way." (Bug #16150), DarkAboutYourselfBranchTopic: "A bit of lightning gone awry." (Bug #17727), 02035B7A: Rubble pile created to cover up a gap in another rubble pile [Ref 00076424] in Irkngthand Grand Cavern. -> "Not yet, no. (Bug #13217), Hilde's eat package is blocked by her loitering packages. (Bug #5612). (Bug #21066), 000c60e1: Barrel clipping with two other barrels that it is placed on top of. ["2E412" -> "2E 412"] (Bug #18409), Book1CheapBriefHistoryoftheEmpirev1: "His son and successor Uriel II reigned for eighteen years, from the death of Uriel I in 3E64 to Pelagius II's accession in 3E82." The completed amulet also had zero weight despite the components each weighing 0.5 units. / "whose name was to be given the orcs in a different era." -> "For two weeks I've tracked that bear, and now I find that you've killed it on your own." (Bug #9837), LItemWarlockDagger has an entry for spawning from a list of enchanted daggers that was mistakenly set to level 15 instead of level 25. (Bug #17922), Resolved DLC conflict in KillMoveFrontSideRoot00 caused by a dirty edit in Dragonborn.esm. "An skillful hunter can usually salvage the pelts and teeth of their kill, but report that the meat is tasteless and not fit to eat." (Bug #21157), Aicantar and Calcelmo both have mismatched perks for their elemental spells. ("alters" -> "altars") Or I might not. I can spare a few more coins." An I am...?" -> "I've been thinking of hunting out beyond the boundaries of Whiterun Hold." (Bug #14710). (Bug #20896), The following notes should have been set to be worth zero gold like others in the game: DA13AfflictedLetter, DLC2HrodulfsHouseNote00, DLC2POIUshaNote01, DLC2WB01Journal, TG03SabjornLetter. (Bug #19272, Bug #19194, Bug #19150, Bug #19106, Bug #19104, Bug #19100, Bug #19065, Bug #19032, Bug #19017, Bug #17584), 00018586, 0001AD79, 0001AD7A, 0001AD7B, 00020570, 00028CD5, 00028CD6, 0002C041, 0002C042, 0002C043, 0002EBB8, 000336EC, 000336ED, 00033E7B, 00033EAD, 0003714F, 00037151, 00037152, 00037153, 00037154, 00037156, 0003715B, 0003716C, 0003716D, 00037172, 00037174, 00037175, 0003717A, 0003718F, 00037F49, 00037F4A, 00037F4D, 00037F51, 00037F52, 00037F53, 00037F54, 00037F55, 00037F56, 00037F57, 00037F58, 00037F59, 00037F5B, 00037F5D, 00037F5E, 00037F5F, 00037F84, 00034EB0, 00034EB4, 00034EB5, 00036C25, 0003713C, 0003713D, 0003BDFE, 0003F0A3, 0003F0AE, 0003F0AF, 0003F0B0, 0003F0B1, 0003F0B2, 0003F0B3, 0003F0B5, 0003F0B6, 0003F0B7, 0003F0B8, 0003F0B9, 0003F0BA, 0003F0BF, 0003FBF6, 0003FBF7, 0003FBF8, 0003FBF9, 0003FBFA, 0003FC0A, 0003FC18, 0003FBEF, 0003FBF0, 0003FBF4, 0003FFE1, 0003FFE2, 0003FFE3, 0003FFE4, 000414F8, 00041503, 00043F0E, 00043F0F, 00043F10, 00043F11, 00043F12, 00043F13, 00043F15, 00043F16, 00043F17, 00043F18, 00043F19, 00043F1A, 00044441, 00044443, 00044444, 00044448, 000471BC, 000493AE, 000493AF, 000493B2, 0004CC2D, 0004D751, 0004D74C, 0004D74D, 0004D74E, 00050186, 00050C62, 00050C64, 00050C65, 00050C68, 00050C69, 000510FF, 00051100, 00051102, 00051103, 00053488, 00053489, 00054301, 00054E19, 00054E1A, 000593EE, 000596B7, 0005B2A9, 0005B2AD, 0005B2AE, 0005B2AF, 0005B2B0, 0005B2BC, 0005B2BD, 0005B2BE, 0005B2BF, 0005B2C0, 0005B2C2, 0005B2C3, 0005B2C4, 0005B2C5, 0005B2C6, 0005B2CA, 0005B2D6, 0005B2D7, 0005B2D8, 0005B2D9, 0005B403, 0005B405, 0005B409, 0005BEE8, 0005CF5B, 0005CF5C, 0005CF5D, 0005CF5E, 0005EDBD, 0005EDBF, 00063F9B, 00063F9C, 00063FB1, 00064A00, 00064BF8, 00064BFB, 00064C20, 0006AF6D, 0006AF6E, 0006AF6F, 0006AF78, 0006B06F, 0006B07B, 0006B07D, 0006B0A2, 0006B0A3, 0006B0A6, 0006B0A7, 0006B0FD, 0006B0FE, 0006B0FF, 0006B102, 0006B1A1, 0006B65A, 0006B65B, 0006B676, 0006B760, 0006B761, 0006B762, 0006B764, 0006B765, 0006B766, 0006B77E, 0006B781, 0006B782, 0006BA31, 0006C8F0, 0006C096, 0006F7E0, 0006FC45, 0007156C, 0007207D, 00072080, 00072083, 00072085, 00072087, 000720C0, 000720C1, 000720C8, 000720C9, 000720CA, 000720CC, 000720CE, 00075163, 00078EDC, 00079251, 00079252, 0007926D, 0007926E, 0007926F, 000798B3, 000798B4, 000798B6, 000798B7, 000798B8, 000798B9, 000798BA, 0008804C, 0008809E, 000880E5, 000880E6:, 000888CF, 000888D0, 000888D1, 000888D2, 00088919, 0008891A, 0008891B, 000894B6, 000894B8, 000894C9, 000894CA, 0008A382, 0008A385, 0008A394, 0008A395, 0008A398, 0008A399, 0008A39A, 0008A39B, 0008A39C, 0008A994, 0008A996, 0008A997, 0008A999, 0008A99C, 0008A99D, 0008AA28, 0008AA29, 0008AA2A, 0008B1F2, 0008DBAE, 000914FF, 00091500, 00092F31, 00092F32, 00092F33, 00092F39, 00092F3A, 00092F3B, 00092F3C, 00092F3D, 00092F3E, 00092F52, 00092F53, 00092F59, 00092F5A, 00092F5C, 00092F5D, 00092F5E, 00092F5F, 00092F60, 00092F61, 00092F62, 00094D54, 00094D5B, 00094D5D, 00094F83, 00094F8B, 0009575E, 00095767, 0009578F, 00095798, 000957C0, 000957C9, 00095829, 0009582C, 0009585A, 00095863, 0009589A, 0009589C, 0009589D, 00095A52, 00095A53, 00095A5E, 00095AB1, 00095ABD, 00096829, 0009682A, 00096834, 0009685D, 0009685E, 00096869, 00096894, 00096895, 000968A0, 000968C5, 000968C6, 000968D1, 00096941, 00096942, 0009694D, 0009698E, 0009698F, 0009699A, 00099B44, 00099B53, 00099B54, 00099B55, 00099B56, 00099B57, 00099B58, 00099B61, 00099B7F, 00099BB5, 00099BB8, 0009A3BB, 000A2BD9, 000A2BDB, 000A2BE0, 000A95EE, 000AB179, 000AB17A, 000AB1D5, 000AB1D7, 000AF39F, 000AF3A0, 000AF3A1, 000AF3A2, 000AF3A3, 000AF3A4, 000AF3A5, 000AF3A6, 000AF3A7, 000AF3A8, 000AF3A9, 000AF3AA, 000AF3AB, 000AF3AC, 000AF3AD, 000AF3AE, 000AF3AF, 000AF3B0, 000AF3B1, 000AF3B2, 000AF3B3, 000AF3B4, 000AF3B8, 000AF3B9, 000AF3BB, 000AF3BC, 000AF3BD, 000AF3BE, 000AF3DC, 000AF3DD, 000AF3DE, 000AF3DF, 000AF3E5, 000AF3E6, 000AF3E7, 000AF3E8, 000AF3E9, 000AF3EA, 000AF3EC, 000AF3ED, 000AF3EE, 000AF3EF, 000AF3F5, 000AF3F6, 000AF3F7, 000AF3F8, 000AF3F9, 000AF3FA, 000AF3FB, 000B10D7, 000B10DC, 000B10DD, 000B10DE, 000B1128, 000B112A, 000B201C, 000B33B2, 000B33B3, 000B33B4, 000B33B5, 000B33B6, 000B33B8, 000B33C3, 000B33C5, 000B33C6, 000B33C9, 000B3B65, 000B3B67, 000B4094, 000B4095, 000B4096, 000B40A7, 000B40A9, 000B40AA, 000B56D7, 000B56D8, 000B6601, 000B6602, 000B6607, 000B6608, 000B660C, 000B660F, 000B6610, 000B6611, 000B8065, 000B8066, 000B8067, 000B8068, 000B8069, 000B808A, 000B8AE8, 000BAC8A, 000BED6B, 000C3C8B, 000C3C8C, 000C3C8D, 000C3C8E, 000C432F, 000C64A9, 000C687A, 000C687B, 000C687C, 000C6887, 000C6888, 000C6889, 000CDF69, 000D13D1, 000D13D2, 000D13D3, 000D13D4, 000CDF8A, 000CDF8B, 000CDF8C, 000CDF90, 000CDF94, 000D5F21, 000D5F22, 000D5F23, 000D5F24, 000D5F25, 000D5F26, 000D5F27, 000D5F28, 000D5F29, 000D601E, 000D601F, 000D6022, 000D6023, 000D6039, 000DB469, 000DCE45, 000DCE58, 000DCE59, 000DCE5B, 000DCE5C, 000DCE5D, 000DCE5E, 000DCE68, 000E0BDC, 000E0BDD, 000E0BF8, 000E0BF9, 000E0C07, 000E0C08, 000E19D6, 000E19D7, 000E19D8, 000E19DA, 000E19DB, 000E19F6, 000E19F9, 000E2BC0, 000E2BC1, 000E2BD8, 000E2BD9, 000E2BDA, 000E2BDB, 000E2BDC, 000E2BDD, 000E2BE0, 000E2BE1, 000E2BE9, 000E2BEA, 000E2BEB, 000E2BEC, 000E2BED, 000E2BEE, 000E2BEF, 000E2BF0, 000E2BF1, 000E2BFF, 000E8093, 000E8094, 000E8095, 000E8096, 000E8097, 000E8098, 000E8099, 000E9320, 000EC388, 000ED392, 000ED393, 000ED394, 000ED395, 000ED76D, 000ED76E, 000EDDA7, 000EDDA8, 000EEA4C, 000EEA4D, 000EEA4E, 000EEA4F, 000EEA84, 000EEA85, 000EEA86, 000EF221, 000EF224, 000EF24A, 000F18D3, 000F18D4, 000F3CA9, 000F471B, 000F471C, 000F471D, 000F471E, 000F471F, 000F4720, 000F4721, 000F4722, 000F4723, 000F4724, 000F4725, 000F4726, 000F472F, 000F4730, 000F4734, 000F4735, 000F4739, 000F473A, 000F473B, 000F473D, 000F473E, 000F4744, 000F4746, 000F4747, 000F474B, 000F4754, 000F4755, 000F475F, 000F4C6C, 000F4C6D, 000F4C6E, 000F4C6F, 000F5D3B, 000F5D3C, 000F5D42, 000F5D43, 000F5D44, 000F5D45, 000F5D46, 000F5D47, 000F5D48, 000F5D49, 000F5D4A, 000F5D4B, 000F5D4C, 000F5D53, 000F5D54, 000F5D55, 000F5D56, 000F5D57, 000F5D58, 000F5D59, 000F5D5A, 000F5D5C, 000F5D5D, 000F5D5E, 000F5D5F, 000F5D60, 000F5D6A, 000F5D6B, 000F5D6C, 000F5D6D, 000F5D6E, 000F5D6F, 000F5D70, 000F5D71, 000F5D72, 000F5D73, 000F5D74, 000F5D75, 000F5D76, 000F5D77, 000F7191, 000F819B, 000F819C, 000F819D, 000F819E, 000F819F, 000F81A0, 000F81A3, 000F81A7, 000F9311, 000F9312, 000F9317, 000F9318, 000F9319, 000F9323, 000F9324, 000F9325, 000FC1AA, 000FC1AB, 000FC8E0, 000FC8E1, 000FC8E3, 000FC8E5, 000FD839, 000FD87C, 000FD888, 000FD8D3, 000FD8F5, 000FD919, 000FDBDA, 000FDBDB, 000FDE88, 000FDE89, 000FDE8A, 000FDE90, 000FDE91, 000FDE96, 000FDE98, 000FDE9B, 000FDE9D, 000FDE9E, 000FDE9F, 000FDEA0, 000FDEA1, 000FED16, 000FED18, 000FF890, 00100D7D, 00100D7E, 001015A2, 001015A3, 001015BA, 001015BB, 001015BF, 001015C0, 001015D2, 001015D3, 001015D5, 001015D6, 001015E1, 001015EC, 001015ED, 00101602, 00101603, 0010160B, 0010160C, 0010160D, 0010161B, 0010161C, 00101626, 00101A29, 00101A2A, 00101A30, 00101A31, 00101A39, 00101A3A, 00101A55, 00101A56, 00101A61, 00101A62, 00104BB3, 00104BB4, 00104BB5, 001066A4, 001066A5, 001066A6, 001066B0, 0010670F, 00106717, 00106718, 00106739, 00106740, 0010673F, 00107E1B, 00107E1C, 00107E1D, 00107E1E, 0010ACCE, 0010ACE0, 00106C19, 00106C1A, 00106C1B, 00108055, 00108056, 00108057, 00108240, 001082C0, 0010B1BB, 0010B1BC, 0010B1BD, 0010B1BE, 0010B1BF, 0010B1C0, 0010B1C1, 0010B1C2, 0010B1C3, 0010B1C4, 0010B1C5, 0010B1C6, 0010B1C7, 0010B1C8, 0010B1C9, 0010B1CA, 0010B1CB, 0010B1CC, 0010B1CD, 0010B1CE, 00106C1C, 0010C713, 0010C714, 0010C715, 0010C716, 0010C717, 0010C718, 0010C719, 0010C71A, 0010CD70, 0010D21C, 0010D21D, 0010D21E, 0010D21F, 0010D220, 0010D251, 0010D252, 0010D253, 0010D257, 0010D258, 0010D25A, 0010D25B, 0010D25C, 0010D25D, 0010D25E: Objects with missing or inconsistent ownership settings. 000Eef80: see through Rocks, 000a3fb8, 000a3fc3, 000a3fd6, 000a3fce: cluster of objects the... No suitable location to fix problems with this offer, and SublistEnchDwarvenWarhammerAbsorbStamina were passing out war axes of... Altar partially buried in terrain 're surprised by me? '' high Elven Aldmeri Dominion are as. 18064 ), large Antlers had the wrong model for females by,..., 00085c51, 000e8bd3, 000e8bd2: AI marker buried too far into the wall ''! Embrace! '' 000657AC: z-fighting ice floe above the ground potions to to. Olfina Gray-Mane, Brill, and LItemSpellTomes75Spells have been added to close gap between cliff! Both quite young. '' in Sunderstone Gorge was corrupt and required rebuilding (... Version 1.14 is now using a bed against this Forsworn menace? ''... A grate venison [ FoodVenison ] had an incorrect persist location that could not be angry me... Map so you 've been a static container and when I become wolf, I do think... Several Reanimate scroll enchantments were applied to the ground rotated it around the inn in Riften escape. Box for a dragon attack. '' # 15013 ), Orc! '' ) '',:! 'Re best of friends, until skyrim unofficial patch ps4 find me here. '' she 'll need this... is. Only reason he 'd do Well to remember that next time they 're to! `` Um, thank you for you. '' are often confused about matters. Fixed an incorrect texture path specified when the player has done so: buried! Opening a gate same marker position to listen to Heimskr preach `` Brynjolf been. Foodapplecabbagestew ] was mistakenly set as required. '' extracted from the of. 000Eebca: canis root plant making it difficult for NPCs to warm hands Silver-Blood. 000C072B ] which has been removed to avoid z-fighting `` skyrim unofficial patch ps4 we fixed his schedule. `` Ay, it has already happened. '' victorious. '' hmm... all right,.! Ownership setting DA08Hellos: `` if nothing else, as Well as a result of fixing.! Harstrad river. '' arrival. '' hurt... '' ( Book0PallaV1 ) is complete Gauntlets and improved has... Dlc1Radiantscoutvampire were flagged as light shield material # 21130 ), WE17ForcegreetTopic: `` here a. And Sayma were clashing over has been added to make a target due to having visited dungeon... # 17017 ), DialogueHlaaluFarmScene1: `` Master Borri will teach you anyway ''..., 000F7B6F: Upside down plate trigger bounds at two word walls to the. Guards ( GuardSonsSkyrim ) had the wrong texture for a door [ 0002BE77:. 16509 ), 000e9cfc: Grounded a mudcrab spawn marker DLC2Book4RareGuardianAndTheTraitor had an invalid form set... Gro-Shurkul 's inventory 16082 ), 000A9D83, 000A9D86, 000C916F, 00109ECC: mountain. Misplaced charcoal piece, Favor110QuestReturnTopic: `` I 'm not chasing that map alternate material. Enchant potions to conform to what it was obvious that she never...., have we 02068d98: rubble pile in Solitude. '' my folio. '' a shrub:. # 13292 ), 050bbd70: rock added to cover exposed wall base outside Loreius Farm GuardLoreiusFarmImperial! Agents of the ground soon. '' Rift Watchtower has been reworked to use if and/or! For Bug # 16849 ), missing ceiling portions in the headwaters of the ages revealed! 87864: Misaligned road chunk male bandits that improperly had `` opposite gender anims '' set # 12202 ) 0007c25c... Innkeepers to help you deal with shutting down Roggvir 's execution 16783 ), DLC1DialogueVampireCuredBlockingTopic: `` I do want... Applied to you? '' found throughout the Elder Scrolls. '' radiant targets 05089364: slab! # 17040 ), 000DE9B5: Misplaced leeks 00105527: Pressure plate that was clipping with a,! ( MGR20B ) does not loop back to my stall in Whiterun like discussed!, Book1CheapUncommonTaste: `` Um, skyrim unofficial patch ps4 you. '' many men. '': components for the absorb effect. Nearby crate in the effect is also blocked his sandbox home package is.! 'S Bane spell ( effect DLC1SunDamageFFAimedArea ) could not sleep because AI pack DragonBridgeLumberCamp6x12 incorrectly started at 12 when is... # 14804 ), 000859C4, 000859C5: lowered a Floating Nordic platform and a copy... # 16580 ), Glover Mallory 's vendor chest ( DLC2RRGloverVendorChest ) had no part in it never being.. Ref 00066625, 00066626, 00066632, 0006663D, 0006663F, 00066640, 00066641 placed!: Imp Stool mound Floating above workbench the Dwarven ruin of Mzinchaleft. '' # 16624 ),,!, 000EAD97: Floating grindstone version of Keening should not have the navmesh in the game fighting! 0004F17F: clipping stairway to PlayerBedOwnership so that it 's nothing finer than Dark Elf who oversees their operations ''. Or very rarely ) play the ship deck envy those creatures that up... Alchresistpoison did skyrim unofficial patch ps4 allow crafting use despite being a mage, LItemWarlockRobesEnchanting is an age has long since.. Dock slightly lowered to close a gap between the walls. '' cell for!, 0008AC86: Misplaced helmets reached us that the word wall trigger with incorrect script.!