Using Sentence Case Button in MS Word. Every brave man is a man of his word. There is many a true word spoken in jest. The old man was runover by a car. He was off with a jog and a wave, leaving the Deans in front of Bird Song. Walk for five minutes to warm up, then jog or sprint for one minute, walk for two, jog or sprint for one, walk for two, and so on. 14. ... We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. My infant daughter was the muse who inspired me to get healthy by losing weight. sentence examples. Read more…. Jogging/Running: For most people trying to lose weight, they find that pounds drop more quickly when they jog or run instead of walk exclusively. The car manufacturer deemed the warranty on Ted’s car to be void after he failed to perform proper maintenance on the vehicle. People who are looking for a bit more challenge in their workout routine can go for a jog if their physician has approved this increased level of exercise. A wise man hears one word and understand two. Example sentences with the word jogging. An honest man’s word is as good as his bond. For a 140 lb female, a one-hour jog at a leisurely six mph may burn about 600 calories. A word in season is most precious. 2 I go jogging every morning. When you click this button, there are five options, Sentence case to make your first character in the sentence into uppercase, lowercase, UPPERCASE, Capitalize Each Word, and tOGGLE cAse to make your first character in the sentence into lowercase and the remaining is UPPERCASE. . She started at a walk and quickened to a jog, making sure the path wouldn't close and trip her. 881775 I go jogging. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. (short, long, quick) " His presidential run was successful. " If you push yourself to jog too much at one time, you may develop shin splints or other injuries which can sideline your program. jog example sentences. “run a distance” – They run two miles every morning. He was walking at a very quick pace and I had to, 26. He's going to quit in August. The police showed him a photo to try to, 29. Level 7: After the warm-up, jog for the entire 30 minutes. Example sentences with the word jog. I am also a legit person. 25. His shove almost drove her to her knees again. 34. Level 4: After the warm-up, jog for 5 minutes, walk for 3. Martin managed a pb and to finish just ahead of Adam, despite having to jog the last mile with an increasingly sore Achilles. All Rights Reserved. The best exercise to lose belly fat isn't a crunch or a sit up, but a quick jog around the block. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 1 I go jogging fairly regularly. These give a vivid insight, ( or nostalgic jog to the memory) into the displays prior to out-of-town superstores. shanghainese 1 2241127 We jog together. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 5 Since I started jogging I've lost three and a half inches from my waistline. A wise man hears one word and understand two. Short cotton or terrycloth shorts can be paired with a carefree tank or t-shirt and sneakers for a jog or weight-lifting. How to use jogging in a sentence. Asked what his specific 5km session was, he said that it was 12 x 400 in 56-60 secs with 400m jog. (presidential) " The play had a good run on Broadway. " It goes without saying that health is most important. How To Use Jog In A Sentence? Believe somebody on his bare word. After receiving their thanks, he took off at a jog, anxious, he said, to catch a few more post-storm shots as the sun emerged. When we use ‘though’ at the end of a sentence, it is a linking word that means this sentence is in contrast to, is in spite of, or is in seeming contradiction to the previous sentence, e.g. Mityuha only gave a jog to his hat and pulled the reins off the heated shaft-horse. Claire jogged to one of the trees and lifted a small satchel from its roots. Thereâs an unusual jog dial on the side of the unit. CK 1 258502 I jog twice a week. [VERB] Synonyms: run, trot, canter, lope More Synonyms of jog. Learn more. Lightweight: Even if you don't jog, you don't want a heavy jogging suit. Over the next few months, Jack and Julia returned to Oakdale where his wife Carly tried to jog his memory. . Since the judge did not sign the final page of the documents, our divorce is void. OPTION 3: Use a semicolon, transition word, and comma For a change, try dancing or doing callisthenics He narrowly escaped being runover. 0. He had no choice but to runaway. Indeed," sectarian bigotry and exclusiveness are to be found chiefly among the professional leaders of the modern brotherhoods and their low-caste followers, who are taught to believe that theirs are the only true gods, and that the rest do not deserve any reverence whatever "(Jog. How to use ‘Academic’ in a Sentence (8 Examples) Here’s a few sentences with the word ‘Academic’ in them to give you an idea of how to use it in a sentence. If you jog three times a week, you can use your rest days for easy walks. The key for the eighty-year-old professor to keep fit is to, 4. Not always! She steadied herself and looked up in time to see him disappear into the jungle. It's too cold in winter to run outside. In regards to his hobby for reading textbooks, he was a particularly academic man. Jump around, swing your arms, even jog in place. Dean didn't stop to answer as he broke into a jog with Fred hustling to keep up. To stay in shape, my husband likes to gambol along the beach every morning. Examples of Discipline in a sentence Habitual runners have such strong discipline that they wake up everyday for their jog even when they're sick or vacationing.